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Wellington median house price by suburb

Which suburb in the Wellington region has the highest Median HomesEstimate? Oriental Bay on top with an average of $1.8M Seatoun came in with a $1.32M median HomesEstimate, followed by Kelburn at $1.23M Karaka Bays still relatively high sitting at $1.22M, with

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Dunedin median house price by suburb

Which suburb in Dunedin has the highest HomesEstimates? Mount Grand at $888k While that may be skewed by a low volume of homes, the next highest is Blackhead at 742k followed by Saddle Hill at $740k. Further out, we find The Cove

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Auckland median house price by suburb

Which suburb in Auckland has the highest Median HomesEstimate? Takatu takes the top spot with a median HomesEstimate of $2.51M for a house. Herne Bay lost its top spot now sitting at $2.45M, & Tawharanui at a median $2.22M. Saint Marys

Steve Hart

Why home staging can sell your home faster

Our home is our castle, and most of us fill them with all manner of ornaments, nick knacks, family photos and furnishings that reflect who we are and our personalities. And that’s all fine, until you come to sell. Talk

Lucy Simpson

Top tips for Facebooking

Write/share posts that engage with your audience If you’re not engaging with your audience on Facebook, what’s the point of posting? A good way to engage with your audience, is to post content with captions that encourage likes, comments and

Grace Tresidder

Towns to consider for purchasing a ski bach

During the winter months, the snow transforms our alpine landscapes into a winter wonderland. There are multiple ski fields all around the country, making it easy for people to access and enjoy – no matter where you’re. New Zealand has

Steve Hart

Fixed price or auction, what is happening in your city?

Getting the absolute best price for your home is essential – you can only sell it once. So what’s the best method? Auction, tender or fixed price? To find out why one method might be used over another, spoke

Grace Tresidder

Be the expert and make smarter property decisions

Save searches Looking for something in particular? You can use the search filters to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Filter by price range, the number of bedrooms or bathrooms. Better yet, you can save these searches and

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What does a new build look like in your region?

This month in our June property update we looked at the difference between the number of homes consented and the number of new homes that have entered the housing stock. We also dug a little deeper to see what an

Thinking of renovating?

By Mark Graham, Publisher of the Building Guide and Design Guide magazines and websites. Buying a run-down house in a good area has been a traditional way for first home buyers (and often second and third and more…) to take

Grace Tresidder

What can a first home buyer budget get you?

A cooling property market in some areas, particularly in Auckland, is good news for first home buyers. With low interest rates, and increasing restrictions on investors and foreign buyers, it is as good a time as any for first home buyers