Product Updates

We’re changing our Privacy Policy

As we announced on 10 October, our Privacy Policy has now been updated.  At, we take your privacy seriously and are committed to being transparent about how we look after your personal information. That is why we wanted to

Brayden Gosse

February product update

This month we’ve improved the way we display data on our site, enabled you to share images and trialled an exciting new HomesEstimate ranking feature. Let’s dive in: Clearer labelling on sold map markers We had feedback that the labelling

Brayden Gosse

September product update

This month we’ve built some new filters, updated the HomesEstimate Graph, added over 3 million historical images of properties to our site and more. Let’s dive in: Not listed filters Find the house with the highest estimate in your suburb

Brayden Gosse

August product update

This month we’ve launched Power Estimates, improved the quality of images on Homes Inspiration and released a couple of other small but useful features. Let’s jump in: Power Estimates  Sifting through different power company websites to find the best deal

Brayden Gosse

July product update

This month we have continued to make changes to better the user experience on our website. We’ve added Insurance Estimates for every residential home in NZ, updated our HomesEstimate graph to show 3 years of history,  and released a couple

Brayden Gosse

June product update

This month we’ve changed the HomesEstimate, added more data and made some major improvements to the way you search for properties on Let’s dive in: Fortnightly HomesEstimates The market is changing rapidly so to keep up with the pace

Brayden Gosse

May product update

This month we are excited to announce some big updates to our product. The focus has been around improving how we display data to improve the experience for every user. Homes Inspiration new look and feel Browse thousands of listing