June product update

This month we’ve changed the HomesEstimate, added more data and made some major improvements to the way you search for properties on homes.co.nz. Let’s dive in:

Fortnightly HomesEstimates

The market is changing rapidly so to keep up with the pace we have changed how often we update our HomesEstimates. As of 18th June 2021, we are updating our HomesEstimates fortnightly to give you the best insight into current market trends.

Improved Map Markers

When there is a group of properties (Apartments, units etc) we combine them into a single map marker. Previously there was no indication in these groups that some properties are for sale, sold or for rent. Now you can see the status of properties within each property group.

Home Expense Estimates

Assess the affordability of owning a home with our Home Expense Estimates for each property. Starting with broadband and mortgage estimates we will soon be rolling out insurance and power estimates for every home in New Zealand too.

Filters saved in recent searches

Return to your previous filtered search with ease. You no longer have to do a new search and re-apply your filters.

Full-screen list view

Want to hide the map and just see the list view on your desktop computer or tablet? You can now toggle the map view off and on.

Help us shape the future of homes.co.nz

Do you have any questions about these new features or an idea of how we can improve our product? Feel free to email your suggestions to ideas@homes.co.nz.