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Save searches

Looking for something in particular? You can use the search filters to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Filter by price range, the number of bedrooms or bathrooms. Better yet, you can save these searches and be notified of properties that meet your criteria as often as you like, daily, weekly or even monthly. Saving searches can save you time.

Suburb insights

Thinking of moving to a new area or just keen to stay in the know in your own? Using you can see how median HomesEstimates in a particular suburb are trending over time. If you own it, claim it. You can claim your home to keep track of your homes’ value and receive monthly suburb insights.

New listings and recently sold is your one stop shop for new listings and recently sold properties. You can see what properties are for sale and the real estate agent that the listing is with. You can find out more about the agent and email them directly.

Free sales histories

Having access to recent sales histories and rateable value assessments means you can be more informed about the history of your property, or a property that you’re interested in. Know what properties are selling for in any area to help you make informed decisions.

Find and connect with the best agents in your area

You can search for agents by location. Find the listings for branches and agents in your area. See how many sales each agent has had, including recent sales and sales for all time.