Get Your Garage Organised for Summer

Your garage can be so much more than a place to park a car and store all the extra junk you have lying around. Transform your garage in time for summer and have a finished result that everyone will be jealous of.

Step One: Orginse and Catorgorise 

Your first step is to get rid of anything that no one has used in the last 6 months, extend it to a year if you are really struggling. Once this step is out of the way, categorise everything into groups. Garden tools, Christmas decorations, sports equipment, items used together should be placed in the same spot.

Step Two: Establish Your Needs

How much space do you want from your garage? Do you need to fit a car, two cars? Or maybe your dream home gym? Think about the space you want and need. If space is an issue consider creative uses of space. Hanging things from the ceiling or new shelves, fold-down workbenches if that fulfils your needs. 

Step Three: Get Smart With Storage

If you are prepared to set aside a budget to achieve your dream garage, choose sustainable options that will last no matter what you are storing. Shelving that gives you the ability to alter the shelf height will be your best friend. As you grow and your needs change they will always be the right option.


If you want things more tucked away, storage containers are great at holding all sorts of things no matter the shape. Make sure to label, and think about the thing that you use more frequently. These are things you will want easy access to. When you look at your garage and you are no longer filled with dread you will see just how useful this space is!

Step Four: Keep at it!

Don’t ruin your progress! Set aside time to ensure this space gets some TLC like any other room in your house. With a good tidy up here and there keeping your garage clean and junk-free is easy. 

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