5 Moving tips that will make your life easier

Colour code

Sounds too easy to make a difference but trust us, it does. With each box and bag you pack ad some sort of colour coordinator to indicate later what it contains. This will help later when you are stressed to find something or if you are using a moving service it will help them to put your things in the right room.

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Leave your clothes on the hanger

This is one you have to do. Keep your clothes hanging on the hangers and place a bag around the outside. Bonus points if you secure the hangers with a zip tie. We’ve included a good video below to help you out.

Put plastic on your spillable items

Controversial for the environment, however, it does prevent liquid from seeping through your belongings. Wrap a towel around your spillable for that extra level of protection while it should also stop things moving around too much.


The Essentials bag

Make a small bag of everything you’ll need for your first night. A spare change of clothes, some basic toiletries, a water bowl for the dog, anything that you know you’ll use. This means you won’t be ford to search through multiple boxes for the things that you need on the first night.

Start with the kitchen

It’s the easiest room to unpack and one of the most important. You will already have a preference of where you want things to go so there’s no decision making. This also means you should have the basics you need to start living in your new place. Your bedroom should be next and this will give you the opportunity to start making things look homey. Check out Mitre 10 for all the kitchen orginisation essentials. 

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