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Grace Tresidder

Focused on adding value for our Premium Agents

Ronel Steynberg, Head of Customer Support here at is in contact with our Premium Agents on a daily basis and loves to hear how impressed they are with the quality of support they receive from her team. She believes

Steve Hart

Show and tell with a property video is a big supporter of real estate videos, and one reason for this is that people are attracted to video over static images. Video creates a higher engagement with house hunters. It means buyers far and wide, across New

Lucy Simpson

Grow your personal brand on Instagram

Post High-Quality Images that are Engaging and Relevant Instagram is a visual-first platform – which means no matter how compelling your caption may be, the image has to be picture perfect. But for somebody starting out, how do you know

Grace Tresidder

New Agent Profiles and Secondary Agent on Listings

Peter Anderton, Head of Product here at talks about some of the recent changes that you may or may not have noticed on the site. “Premium Agent profiles have a new look and feel. The new look brings them

Lucy Simpson

Top tips for Facebooking

Write/share posts that engage with your audience If you’re not engaging with your audience on Facebook, what’s the point of posting? A good way to engage with your audience, is to post content with captions that encourage likes, comments and