New Agent Profiles and Secondary Agent on Listings

Peter Anderton, Head of Product here at talks about some of the recent changes that you may or may not have noticed on the site.

“Premium Agent profiles have a new look and feel. The new look brings them into line with the design and functionality across the rest of the website optimising a user’s experience. Part of this is about aligning with the mobile experience, with the majority of our users now on mobile devices.” 

Below outlines some of the enhancements.

The map view provides an instant visual or snapshot of the location of a Premium Agents listings and the last 24 months of sales. “The great thing about this is users can see instantly if an agent is an expert in a particular suburb then click to look through all of their listings.”

A personalised profile link which can be shared via social media. Up until recently a Premium Agents Profile URL on wasn’t personalised, meaning it didn’t include an agents’ name. “We know that an agents’ name and brand is paramount to them, they spend a lot of time building their profiles up. We wanted to ensure they felt confident in being able to share their homes profile URL across their multiple social platforms.”


Upload a YouTube video to further personalise a profile.

Click on the share icon, then copy this link.
Go to the Agent admin portal, paste the link into the YouTube field.

“We spoke to a group of users to ask what features they would find helpful to have as part of an agent’s profile. The common theme was to have agent profile videos on the website. Users said they felt the videos needed to be short, around 30 seconds and with subtitles so the volume wasn’t needed when viewing on their phone.”

A second listing agent on a property listing where relevant.

The primary listing agent will always appear as the default agent but a user on the site is now able to click the side arrow and scroll across to see the second listing agent for a property. “We know the importance of repetition to build a brand profile and credibility, so this change is about maximising our Premium Agents exposure on the site.”

We’re always looking for new ideas and we’ll continue to make improvements on Premium Agent profiles. If you have any feedback you can let us know at