Think differently and adapt – 3D Virtual Tours

A few weeks ago it seemed completely normal to have multiple groups of people strolling through a home, opening every cupboard and inspecting it to the nth degree. 

Things changed rapidly due to COVID-19 and within a week we had moved from alert level 1, with stringent measures in place to support open-homes and private viewings, to alert level 4, where viewing a property in person was no longer an option.

COVID-19 highlighted a real estate marketing tool that immediately set real estate agents and their listings apart, the 3D virtual tour – allowing a potential buyer to walk-through a property from the comfort of their own home.

A virtual tour offers more than a marketing video does alone. Virtual tours are an interactive 360-degree experience. A potential buyer can navigate through a property room by room at their own pace, zooming in and out, entering and exiting from any point in the property as well as the ability to measure up any space within the home. It is as if you’re there in person.

Dean Scholey from VirtualPro is a Matterport Professional, we spoke to him to find out more about virtual tours, how the real estate industry has responded to this technology pre and post COVID-19 and why agents should consider them as part of their marketing mix going forward. 

“We have been providing virtual tours since 2017,” says Dean.

“Until last week, the adoption of virtual tours in real estate has been slow. There have certainly been some early adopters who immediately saw the benefits of virtual tours and used them to win listings. However, many agents were comfortable with their current packages (i.e. photos and videos). There was also concern that a virtual tour would reduce open home visits and therefore they would lose out on the opportunity to connect with potential buyers and sellers.”  

“COVID-19 rapidly changed this perspective and the benefits of virtual tours suddenly became very clear. Real estate agents could offer an ‘always open home’. Buyers could walk through a property online.” 

This global pandemic is going to leave behind many long-lasting changes to the real estate industry, including how agents, buyers, and sellers continue to interact. 


Dean thinks that virtual tours will become more of the norm post-lock-down and something that is requested of agents by vendors. 

“Agents that offer virtual tours will likely win more listings,” says Dean.

“A virtual tour creates engagement and connection with a potential buyer before they step into the property. It is more effective than photos or video because the buyer has control – they choose where they go and when. Buyers are very likely to visit the virtual tour more than once. This means the first in-person viewing feels more like the second or third visit.” 

“The benefits for buyers is that it saves them valuable time so they can focus on open homes that they are really interested in. Real estate agents and sellers benefit from more pre-qualified buyers at their open home.” 

Matterport is the world leader and the only true 3D virtual walkthrough. 

What sets VirtualPro apart? VirtualPro works across a range of industries from real estate and property management to hospitality, health and fitness and medical facilities. Dean and his team have a real passion to be the leader in immersive 3D marketing. VirtualPro is the New Zealand partner for Reality Capture Experts, a global network, they are Matterport Certified and have shot over 400 virtual tours in New Zealand. They love the ‘wow’ moment of a quality virtual tour and are always on the look-out for new protech products to help enhance the virtual tour experience.

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