Our Best Home Staging Tips & Tricks

Home staging is an important part of the selling process for an agent and vendors to consider when it comes to putting a property together for photos and open homes. Staging the home can affect the sale price of the property and can make it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. 

First and foremost removing all of the vendor’s family photos or any personal effects is a great start. Seeing these throughout an open home can make it hard for potential buyers to see themselves living in the home and make them feel like they are invading a person’s home and, make both the vendor and buyer uncomfortable. A neutral palette of decor is good to stick by when staging. Thinking about home staging split into different rooms can make it easier and less overwhelming to tackle.


The front door and hallway are the grand entranceway for the home and can help set the tone of what’s ahead. Including a mirror at the end of the hallway and a long rug can make the space look inviting and wider. Mirrors help to widen the space by reflecting light through the hallway. A fresh bunch of flowers can create a welcoming feel. 

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The bedrooms should be kept clutter-free and furniture kept to a minimum. This helps create a calm space and more room for imagination when the buyers come through. This ensures the buyers can see the potential for the room and move around without it feeling cluttered. 

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The lounge or family room should be a relaxing space with little furniture and not too much in the way of decor. It should be kept tidy and have the opportunity to be a blank canvas for any potential buyer whether it be a young family with children or a couple retiring who wish for a nice space to host guests. If you want to use colour use it in the accessories to complement the room.

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The kitchen should be the cleanest room of the home. No potential buyer wants to see a dirty kitchen full of clutter. Giving the room and all the cupboards a serious wipe down and ensuring surfaces are clean is a much better look. Accessories such as a cookbook can create a picture of the buyer using the kitchen.

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Once again minimal is the way to go here. Cluttered bathrooms are not a good look and can make people uncomfortable. Start with removing all the personal items such as toothbrushes, razors, etc. Making sure th vendor does a deep clean. Luxurious towels, soap, and a nice scented candle or flowers can freshen up the bathroom, even more, creating a better experience.

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Dining room

A good dining room needs a dining table and chairs, depending on the size it’s best to stick to four chairs to avoid clutter. Keep the furniture simple, you want to appeal to a large number of buyers and keep room for their imagination. A focal point on the table is a great way to liven up the space. An ornament or potted plant are both great table toppers for a dining room.

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With the hit of covid-19 and nationwide lockdowns home offices/working spaces have become a necessity when looking for a new home. Keeping it simple with minimal furniture, some wall art, and an indoor plant keeps the workspace calm. Make sure to remove anything distracting to the buyer such as paperwork or messy stationery. 

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Covid-19 and lockdowns have bought a new way of working and living for New Zealander’s and having a home that suits this new normal of life. New Zealanders are spending a lot more time at home, and they now want their living spaces to complement this. Whether it be a big veggie garden or a simple table and chairs to sit at, this can entice potential buyers and boost their imagination of what their own outdoor area could look like.

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