Jervois & Co – A Different Kind of Agency

A few weeks ago, we posted on our social channels about a listing where we saw the agent go the extra step. Amy Wildman personalised a strategic marketing program for the listing and employed help from a Disney designer to craft a surreal graphic photo of the property. Wildman sold 81 Vermont Street after one weekend, and 65% over CV. I caught up with Amy about her recent sale and her agency, Jervois & Co

81 Vermont Street Sale Imagery

Amy started Jervois & Co with the desire to create an agency that is 100% honest. The branding stands out from the market standard. Beautiful and bold, Jervois feels like it is making a difference in the Auckland market. Amy speaks of her desire to stand out from the crowd. When it comes to houses “you want someone who treats your house as a totally autonomous project and doesn’t adopt an obligatory marketing plan”. 

After meeting with vendors and understanding some backstory, new initiatives are crafted, refusing the “one size fits all” approach. In her words “I am totally boutique”. Refusing to give into online pressures, you won’t ever catch her in a walk-through real estate video “I am not a celebrity and it’s not about me! But hey, each to their own”. Her process comes from a genuine passion for design, houses, architecture, and fashion. With an agent’s license, she can go above and beyond; and be the “lady on the scene”. 

She also realised that to stand out from the others, she needed to be dynamic – part of the business model specialises in off market sales – a strategy that she coins “Real Estate Match Making”.


In the front of her new shop on Jervois Road, Amy shares how she is going to display new visuals she creates for listings – taking full advantage of the window space to entice neighbourhood curiosity. The 81 Vermont sale saw the creation of the beautiful graphic, one part of the “Palm Springs” series being released. These visuals are printed and distributed, made to be kept forever, also something that will be displayed in the shop. As a marketer, she is always looking for ways to keep things fresh both in the way of new campaigns and in the way Jervois & Co is represented. Amy mentions a vendor that was so happy at a sale going for beyond their dream price that they gave her an extravagant gift, showing that the work in the crafted campaigns is working, but also is highly valued by the vendors.

Adding to the personally crafted process she has created, Jervois and Co have a monthly newsletter, The Jervois Journal. Instead of your usual listings hand-out, Amy has designed the newsletter to talk about the community that her agency operates in. “I am romanticised by our community”. It’s a passion project product of Jervois rather than collateral with a single aim of advertising sales. The neighbourhood is a large factor in house sales hence also the benefit to sharing information for potential buyers “I do the Jervois Journal because I don’t see value in a flyer with information you can find online but I do see value in talking about who is in our neighbourhood.”. Talking with Amy, her passion for real estate and the suburbs that she works in shines through.

Jervois & Co are going beyond the norms of your typical real estate agency, and it shows. Their listings have done amazingly with the business culture she has established. To view her portfolio visit

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