4 Things to Help Setup Your Home Office

COVID-19 has made working from home the new normal. Whether a hybrid office – WFH schedule or 100% WFH, a dedicated area will make you more productive. We’ve laid out our best tips to help you create the best workspace for you. 


Whether you have a dedicated office in your home or not, making sure the area feels spacious is key. It might be time to get rid of a few things you are holding onto. Take some advice from Marie Kondo, or an easier way is to simply think if you have touched something in the past 6 months? 


The world isn’t returning to “normal” anytime soon. It might be time to invest in a quality desk and chair. Most of us spend our day staring at a screen hence why supporting your eyes and your back are important. Electric standing desks are a great investment as you can easily change between a seated and standing position.


If you’re lucky enough to have an office space this is sorted. However, if you’re not so lucky think about factors around your workspace that will influence your productivity. Kids, the kitchen, your partner? Perhaps headphones are enough to keep you on track but does it work for virtual meetings? Blocking out as many distractions as possible will help you create the ideal setup.


Poor lighting will strain your eyes and give you headaches. Not fun. Natural light is your best option if you can position your workspace close to a window. If this is not an option try implementing defused light. A lamp in the corner should offer you some indirect light without any glare. 

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