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New Zealanders tell their Solar Stories

We’re more assured when we see how a product has worked for someone else. Their experiences are relatable and if all the hard work and research into a product has already been done for you – why not use it? 


Trouble sleeping? Might be your wall colour

While this restful bedroom is certainly spilling over with similar shades of silvery green, it’s the clever use of repetition and contrast that makes it work. The expansive white walls and floors in Resene Alabaster have been grounded with a


Solar will play a critical part in NZ’s energy future

In 2019 we saw a huge movement towards sustainable living and homes, the ban of single-use plastic bags, talk of rising power costs, and how New Zealand needs to change to be energy efficient by 2030. In a nutshell, our


“Material is endless. Take a stone: you can saw it, grind it, drill into it, split it, or polish it. It will become a different thing each time.” So says Swiss architect, Peter Zumthor. There’s no question that different materials


Best colours for kitchens

This kitchen uses a softer interpretation of a colour predicted to take us by storm next year, Neo Mint. Resene Aura is a pale minty green that pairs perfectly with warm whites and other colours used here: Resene Atlas on


Choosing an exterior colour scheme

A soft grey-blue tonal scheme suits either an urban setting or one by the sea. These weatherboards are in Resene Half Periglacial Blue, the trims are Resene Alabaster and the front door is in Resene Blue Night. The deck has

Affordable Architecture and How to Get It

This blog has been republished from There are techniques that can bring down the cost of building. In our issue #5, The Design Guide spoke with five New Zealand architects and a solar engineer, to learn some of their


Tips for keeping warm in Winter

Here are 10 ideas from our knowledgeable partners at Smart Energy Solutions that may help you reduce your heating bills and stay warm & dry. Blankets & throws for late night warmth: Keep these handy to snuggle under instead of