February 10, 2020

Timmy Brown

Restructuring your mortgage without changing banks

#2 of a 3-part series about mortgage structures and how to restructure your mortgage. In a previous blog post we discussed how mortgages can seem complex but how with the right advice, they can be made simple to understand and

Steve Hart

Plenty of options for first home buyers across the country

There’s plenty of advice for first-time homebuyers looking for a step on the property ladder. While one option is to buy a property and rent it out; that doesn’t help those wanting to settle down and lay down roots. Thankfully,

The Data Team - homes.co.nz (Tom Lintern - Chief Data Scientist)

homes.co.nz Monthly Property Update – February 2020

Where did property prices grow the most last decade? It’s now 2020 and we’ve looked back to where property prices were 10 years ago. The top-performing areas are dominated by new developing areas (such as Silverdale outside of Auckland) or