November 11, 2019

Ailsa Dawson

Which sales process is best for you?

People have been selling land since someone put a stake in the ground and said ‘this is mine – who wants to buy it?’. But settling on a price has led to some creative options over the years. There’s auction,

The Data Team - (Tom Lintern - Chief Data Scientist) Monthly Property Update – November 2019

Are there still capital gains to be made from flipping properties? House flipping is a common way to make an extra buck for many New Zealanders. This often involves buying the cheapest house on the street, adding a lick of

Timmy Brown

Is that equity yours to use? Most homeowners get this wrong

Homeowners take great joy in tracking the estimated value of their property on, when you subtract the amount owing on your mortgage you get an idea of your equity position – this is critical if you are thinking of