Here’s Our T&C’s from Our Claim Your Home Giveaway

“A year’s premium on us” Promotional Terms and Conditions.

1. These terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to the “A year’s premium on us” promotion (“Promotion“).  

2. Tower’s general promotion terms and conditions at [] also form part of these Terms. 

3. The promotion period starts at 12:00am, 6th September 2022 and ends at 11:59pm 6th October (“Promotion Period”). 

4. To enter this Promotion, you must;

a. use the “Claim your home” feature on the website; and 

b. confirm “Yes I own this home”

5. Trade Me employees and Tower employees are not eligible to enter this Promotion.

6. By entering this Promotion in accordance with clause 4, you confirm that you are the owner of the property and agree to terms of use and privacy policy. You may be asked to prove ownership.

7. Only one entry per house claimed in accordance with clause 4. 

8. Any entry received outside the Promotion Period will not be accepted.

9. If you are eligible to enter this Promotion in accordance with these Terms, will automatically enter you into the Draw (as defined in clause 13 below) unless we receive notification from you that you do not wish to participate in the Promotion.  

10. To claim the Prize, you must hold a current Eligible Policy, or take out a new Eligible Policy within 10 working days from the date the Prize Winner is notified that they have won (as defined in clause 13 below).


11. For the purposes of this Promotion, an “Eligible Policy” means any Trade Me Insurance Car, House, Landlord, Contents or Boat policy. 

12. There will be one prize winner (“Prize Winner”) and one prize in total to be won for a one-off discount to the value of the full year’s premium payable for the renewal of the Eligible Policy (“Premium”) up to a maximum discount of NZ$3,000 (including GST, fees and levies) (“Prize”).  In the event that the Prize Winner’s Premium is more than NZ$3,000 (including GST, fees and levies), the Prize Winner must pay the remaining balance of their Premium.  If the Prize Winner has paid their annual Premium in full in advance before the Draw Date, they will receive a refund of the Premium paid to the value of their Prize or if their Premium is paid by instalments, a credit of the value of their Prize shall be applied to their account. 

a. Tower will cover $1,000 value of the prize. Trade Me will cover an additional $2,000 towards the Prize Winner’s premium.

13. The Prize Winner will be determined by a random draw (“Draw”) from all valid entries on 10th OctoberThe Prize is non-exchangeable, non-refundable, non-transferable, non-negotiable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

a. Trade Me is unable to contact the Prize Winner within 10 working days of the Prize Winner being drawn; 

b. the Prize Winner’s Eligible Policy is not in force on the Draw Date; or

c. the Prize Winner does not take out a new Eligibly Policy within 10 workings days from the date they are notified,

Tower reserves the right to withdraw the Prize and/or re-draw a new Prize Winner at any time in its absolute discretion.

14. The Prize is non-exchangeable, non-refundable, non-transferable, non-negotiable and cannot be redeemed for cash.  

15. Each Prize Winner grants Tower the right to use their personal information for marketing and publicity purposes in connection with this Promotion on Tower’s website and/or social media networks, and in communications. Please refer to our Privacy Policy on our website for more information.

16. We reserve the right, in our reasonable discretion, to revoke the Prize where we consider that the Terms of this Promotion have been dishonoured or not been complied with. We reserve the right to extend, change or terminate this Promotion at any time without notice.

17. By claiming your home in accordance with clause 4 during Promotion Period, you are deemed to have accepted these Terms.