How to decorate your bedroom to help you sleep better

Your bedroom is not just a place to store various possessions and clothing, but a place to rest your weary body and allow yourself to unwind, relax and switch off until you feel like you’re resting on a cloud.

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to change your décor every three or four years to ensure you have a fresh bedroom that you can enjoy. A newly decorated bedroom will induce those warm fuzzy feelings you get when you climb (or crawl) into bed, especially when you have fresh new bed sheets!

To help you begin your journey, it may help to let go of the items you have become attached to including the layout and theme of your room. Calming, cosy, or intimate/romantic, whatever ambience helps you sleep at night pop into your local Resene ColorShop and talk to a colour consultant who will inspire you. 

Resene colour consultant, Alex Pederson says “We live in a society that is 24/7. We live busy and active lives, so it’s important that we have somewhere to recharge and regenerate. We are always connected to everything around and this constant barrage can leave us overwhelmed and exhausted.”

Alex suggests homeowners should think about the tone or the mood of the room, the style of the home, how it connects and flows with the rest of the home, the space (size, layout etc), and the style of furniture and furnishings. “These can seem like a lot of things to answer and daunting for most, but there are lots of great tools to make answering these questions easier.”

“I would advise to take the Resene color personality test online to see where you lie with colour palettes, this test tells you which seasonal palette suits you best. The habitat plus book has a “discover your style personality” quiz that is also a great way to narrow down the possibilities,” he adds.

Soft greys, greens, blues and nude tones all have a soothing and restful feel. Resene Duck Egg Blue or Resene Dusted Blue from the Resene fashion fandeck could be the colour you’re looking for. “Blues are generally receding colours and make the space feel open light and airy. Green tones, such as Resene Secrets or Resene Inside Back, also are great for a bedroom space colours. If you are looking for something slightly more neutral, soft greys such as Resene Quarter Atmosphere, Resene Quarter Truffle or Resene White Pointer are fantastic and versatile colours. For a little bit of a feminine feel, I would suggest colours such as Resene Wax Flower or Resene Soothe.”

Muted grey and neutral tones are still dominating magazine pages and interiors of the residential and commercial sorts; chosen for their versatility and adaptability. Neutrals including Resene Half Ash, Resene Caraway and Resene Thorndon Cream all have an undertone of green, often preferred over traditional yellow or red based neutrals. For something deeper and a cocooning feel, colours such as Resene Quarter Baltic Sea or Resene Quarter Bokara Grey may interest you.

Left image: Kate feminine room – wall to wall in Resene Eighth Stonehenge and Resene Double Stonehenge with floor in Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash.


Right image: Vanessa blue bedroom – wall to wall in Resene Frozen with Resene Biscay headboard feature and floor in Resene Solitude. Wall also finished in Resene SmartTouch wall paint so you can turn on your lights by double tapping the wall – no light switch needed.

Alex recommends a flat finish paint for ceilings, flat or low sheen paint for walls and semi-gloss or gloss for doors and architraves. “Flat finishes hide imperfections more so than shiny finishes. If you are trying to cover a large area it can be difficult to lay off, and shiny finishes will highlight roller and brush marks. For doors and architraves, these get a bit more activity especially with hands opening doors or the vacuum along the skirting so having a shiny finish means it is easier to clean and practical. One of my personal favourites is Resene SpaceCote – it is beautiful and easy to apply, and the finish is smooth and serviceable.”

The habitat plus paint effects book is a great resource for homeowners wanting to try something a little different. It has a plethora of ideas on how to create effects, textures and patterns. Adding texture and/or pattern through elements such as wallpaper is a great way to enhance the feel or mood of the room.

Alex says “we are seeing a lot of white washing and clear finishes on timber. Scandinavian pattern and design has emerged also a strong contender in these spaces. Again, go back to the questions you asked yourself at the beginning of the project – what would enhance this?”

Feature walls have by no means left the playing field and remain a prominent feature in homes. The difference is that where homeowners once featured bold colours, they are leaning towards designs, patterns and textures which bow to the style and mood of the space.

Alex has seen “so many people overwhelmed by the choices and my advice is always the same: find a starting point. A jumping off point could be a colour, a fabric, a painting, a bed spread, a favourite colour. It will help!”

Although a bedroom is a private space and generally speaking, guests don’t see it, it’s an opportunity to have a little fun and indulge in favourite colours that you might be brave enough to use in more public areas of your home.

Get inspired by other kiwi bedroom decorating projects in the online inspiration gallery. If you need help getting started, ask a Resene expert at your local Resene ColorShop or online with the free Ask a Colour Expert service or free Ask a Tech Expert service.



Need help with your decorating? Resene has a colour expert and technical expert service to help you choose the right colours, wallpapers and paints for your project, plus advice on how to apply the products to get the best finish.


Need help with your decorating? Resene has a colour expert and technical expert service to help you choose the right colours, wallpapers and paints for your project, plus advice on how to apply the products to get the best finish.

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