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Tony Alexander

Tony’s View – Valuers Survey – May 2020

Early Days Yet According to Valuers Last week I released the results of my now regular survey of real estate agents around New Zealand. A valuer contacted me to say that he would welcome being included in the next survey

Tony Alexander

Tony’s View – Real Estate Survey

A buyer’s market, but not everywhere Last month I started up a survey of real estate agents asking their views on developments during the early days of Level 4 lockdown. The results are available here. Now, in Level 3 with

Tony Alexander

Covid-19: What do you think might get better?

We are very pleased to bring you the final supplement from Tony Alexander in his Covid-19 series. Tony was the Chief Economist at the BNZ for 26 years and is now an independent Economics commentator. 28th April 2020 A Few Good

Tony Alexander

Covid-19: The Housing Market – Positives & Negatives

This Supplement is devoted entirely to housing. I’m going to attempt to produce as long a list as possible of the factors which will be impinging on our housing markets over the coming months and longer-term as a result of

Tony Alexander

Covid-19: At the Coalface – Banking

We are very pleased to bring you another interesting supplement from Tony Alexander. Tony was the Chief Economist at the BNZ for 26 years and is now an independent Economics commentator. 14th April 2020 Last Wednesday I sent a survey request

Buying and selling property during the Covid-19 lockdown

New Zealand is in the middle of a unique situation, and it is likely to be stressful for all parties involved in a transaction. Be kind, and consider the needs of others when you’re communicating about a transaction. The Real

Tony Alexander

Covid-19: At the Coalface – Residential Real Estate

We are very pleased to be able to share the following insights recently authored by Tony Alexander. Tony was the Chief Economist at the BNZ for 26 years and is now an independent Economics speaker. 6th April 2020. Last Wednesday

What is an ‘as is, where is’ property

More and more New Zealand homes are being sold ‘as is, where is’ after the Canterbury and Kaikōura earthquakes. These properties are often listed at a lower price and can be tempting for first-home buyers with DIY dreams. We take

What is a body corporate?

Understanding the different kinds of home ownership in New Zealand can be confusing. Buying a unit title property, such as an apartment or townhouse, means you automatically become part of a body corporate, but what does this mean for you?

Should I buy a doer-upper?

It’s the Kiwi first-home buyer’s dream: find a rundown house in an up-and-coming neighbourhood, buy it at a low price, renovate it to your heart’s content and truly make it your own. But, is the DIY dream all that it’s

How to make sure your new property checks out

The difficult thing about buying a home is knowing what you don’t know. If you’re a first-home buyer, or it’s been a long time since you were last in the property market, it can be tricky to know what to

Should I buy a house with a group of friends?

Are you considering buying a house with your best mates? While this might seem like an easy way to get on the property ladder, the decision comes with financial and legal implications, so weigh up your options thoroughly before diving

KiwiSaver HomeStart Grant: Buying Your First Home

Is the dream of home ownership within your grasp? It could be more possible than you think! You may be eligible for government support to buy your first home… including a KiwiSaver HomeStart grant. What is KiwiSaver HomeStart? Have you