Why Top Real Estate Agents Are Talking About Premium Agent

We’ve been rapidly growing our base of Premium Agents on Homes.co.nz recently. It’s feeling a little like trying to keep up with a snowball that’s picking up pace down a mountain.

One of the biggest questions we get asked is how Homes.co.nz is changing the digital space for Real Estate.

The simplest answer is:

We help agents to build credibility with local homeowners.

We’re focused on building a platform to promote great agents, not just listings. We believe that opening easy forms of communication around data between vendors and agents helps you to build a trusting relationship.

We can claim all we want, but there’s nothing like a chat with a customer to explain what we do. We talked to Steve Koerber recently. He’s one of Ray White’s top performing agents and Premium Agent has helped him achieve his best year ever.


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