Which Of Your Friends Are Millionaires?

Which Of Your Friends Are Millionaires?

With a staggering 46% of homes in Auckland having a HomesEstimate of over $1 million, chances are you’ll find one of your friends in a property valued over this amount. First up, let’s just ignore the little fact that the banks own a good chunk of most people’s homes and play along.

It’s a little bit unknown that sales histories have always been kept in the public council records. Real Estate Agents have known what you bought your house for for years. Homes.co.nz has sales histories built right into our interface so you can see them instantly, and more importantly for free. 

So, now that the data is a little bit more freed up, let’s do a hypothetical. Turns out one of your friends bought a house in Sandringham a few years back. They seem to do pretty well for themselves and host really good barbeques. Are they millionaires?

Home Page

So you jump on homes.co.nz. (Don’t worry if your screen doesn’t look like this, it’s just as pretty on mobile)

You don’t quite remember the exact address of their house, but you remember their street name, Tranmere Road, so you type that in.

tranmere road

and find…

tranmere road map

A nice map full of HomesEstimates on properties on Tranmere Road. You remember that your friends house had a massive tree out back, so you click on the little satellite in the bottom left corner and…

21 tranmere road satellite

There it is! Click on the house to get a little more information, see what they bought the house for, and what the current HomesEstimate is.

tranmere road value

Scrolling down, you find out your friends bought the house in 2010  for $690,000.

Their rateable value, provided by the council from July 2014 is sitting just under 1 million at $950,000. This is Auckland though, since when has a house sold for under an RV the last few years?

Our HomesEstimate, which takes into account monthly sales data from the area values their house a little higher, at $1,470,000.

So they’ve done pretty well outa the old Auckland housing boom. Maybe next time they host the barbecue they can provide the drinks too.

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