Top 10 Regional NZ Sales

Ever thought that the city centres had a monopoly on eye-wateringly high prices? Think again. We combed through the free sales histories we have available on to find you some hair-rising sold prices in the regions.


10: Whanganui $850k

Set amongst a quiet cul de sac, this generous 6 bedroomed home was one of the top sells in Whanganui last year. Close to a nearby lake and the mighty Whanganui river, it’s pretty easy to see why people are keen on paying top dollar for this town.


9: Invercargill $860k

This property last sold in 2016 for 860k. Not a bad effort for 3 hectares of land! What would you do with it? Plant an orchard? Have some horses? Invercargill is a little southern gem so with prices relatively low, your imagination is your only limitation.

8: Timaru $1.28M

Don’t underestimate Timaru. This peaceful home with a spacious garden sold for a high amount relative to the town’s average.


7: New Plymouth $1.495M

Sold in 2012 for 370k, sold again in 2016 for $1.4M. Ever wanted a country homestead hideaway? New Plymouth is full of them. Plus, seeing the beautiful views of Mt. Taranaki in its full glory is a bonus.


6: Rotorua $1.64M

Ever needed 49 acres of land? Well in Rotorua it can be yours for under 2M. In 2011, this property sold for 450k. Rotorua is one of the fastest growing regional centres in price growth for property, and this one is clearly no exception.


5: Whangarei $1.7M

Sold twice in 2016, it sold in March for $1.5M and again in November for $1.7M. Now that’s a bit more than pocket money. This home is in highly sought after Langs Beach, a popular destination for those escaping the Auckland bustle.


4: Palmerston North: $1.95M

So close to cracking 2M this massive sale seems to be attributed to its large land size, and the epic home that sits on it.


3: Napier $2.1M

This Napier oddity sold for a pretty penny. It’s a waterfront property complete with a pool and unfettered views across Napier’s beautiful harbour. There’s a reason why Napier is a popular regional centre when properties like this are selling.


2: Nelson $2.625M

This sprawling home sits on a large section overlooking the magnificent Nelson harbour on a quiet street. It sold for $1.4M in 2003, so it’s one of Nelson’s premier properties!


1: Queenstown $8.685M

Imagined a large alpine resort? Actually this is a large plot of land being sold in the burgeoning Lake Hayes district. We reckon a keen eyed developer will be looking to replicate the success of Bridesdale Farm


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