Social Media 101: An Introduction for Agents

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Wechat or Whatsapp; Social Media has it’s quirks. This post will help motivate you to take it seriously.

We chatted to Andrew Duncan, and Roar Kristofferson, a couple of Real Estate digital marketing experts for some of their insights.

Key Insights

  • Social Media is ubiquitous. Ignoring it limits your ability to build engagement and credibility with potential vendors under 50.
  • People use it to learn and research (agents). It’s not just people catching up with friends.
  • Social Media is the best tool to prove yourself as a relatable, trustworthy person.


1: Social Media Is Incredibly Powerful For Real Estate Agents…Why?

Roar makes it clear that Social Media is beneficial to all aspects of a real estate business due to one simple fact.

It is where the consumer’s attention is. 

Check out this infographic from US company Mediakix

And this is what kiwis are doing online, with data from Nielsen

Social Media is clearly a major part of our day. Ignoring it limits your ability to build engagement and credibility with potential vendors.


2: People Use Social Media To Research Agents

While the prevailing attitude around Social Media is to see it as a way to catch up with family and friends, a way to pass some time; actual user behaviour on Social Media is changing. It is becoming a place of learning and research. Pew Research Centre showed just how important Social was to the voting public in the recent US election. It’s fair to suggest that most vendors will look you up on social before engaging. Are you relatable, professional and trustworthy through the lens of a Facebook search?

In America, Social Media Was Seen As The Second Most Popular Useful Source When Learning About The 2016 Election.

It’s not just the younger generation either. If you’re looking to sell  peoples homes who are under 50, you need to take social media seriously.

Social Media will have an effect on how your future clients perceive you. 

3: What Is The Opportunity?

The ethos behind Social Media is the chance to connect and share with one another in a wider format than via traditional means.

Social Media is a tool that amplifies your interpersonal skills. 

Great Real Estate Estate Agents use Social Media to: engage, entertain, & inform using great people skills. People do business with those they can relate to and trust. What better place to achieve this en masse?

Best of all, Andrew Duncan asserts that Social Media is cost effective and efficient when compared to traditional means. We’ll give you some tips to cost effectively build a local audience of buyers for your listing in our next post.


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