Smart Homes, AI & Real Estate

Tech giants like Google, Apple, Tesla, Amazon, and Microsoft have been spearheading the AI movement with development of self driving cars, AI in our smartphones, and home assistant software. Where does it go from here?

So what exactly is AI?

Put simply, the computer learns patterns and trends and suggests the most relevant solution to a problem. This could be the quickest route through traffic, a healthy lunch recipe or if you have a cold, flu or 8 terminal diseases last seen during the middle ages (thanks Google).


Smart Homes are already here

In the last couple of years, smart houses were rough prototypes available to the rich listers. Earlier in 2017, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft released their home assistant devices, Amazon Alexa, Google Home & Microsoft Cortana. These hands-free voice-controlled devices link up to other smart devices in your homes and allow you to control them via voice commands.


Integrated AI could improve a home’s value.

An integrated home that is AI friendly could raise its value. As AI systems become more advanced, the likelihood of connected homes becoming common is high, adding further bells and whistles to the listing ad of a property.

Potential for home improvement & maintenance reminders.

Everything needs to have a regular maintenance schedule; without it a “weekend job” one year later turns into a repair job. With AI, your home could soon remind you that it’s about time you painted the exterior of the house. It could also suggest the best way to go about it, with videos and products specials at the local hardware store.

Your home suggesting how to improve itself

Think your home is looking a bit shabby and furniture needing a refresh? It’s a bit of a stretch now, but AI could probably figure out what the new household design trends are and suggest things accordingly that’d optimise its value. Whether this adds or detracts from the late night Kmart binge or not is yet to be seen.

AI could also predict what types of material, or other home add-ons could predictably add to your home’s value. This could be a deck extension, a new bathroom, or even a pool! We’re pretty interested in this opportunity at, stay tuned.

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