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In 2015, FBI-sourced statistics showed a drop in home thefts, however, other FBI crime statistics still account burglary for 23% of all property crimes in the U.S., and while many people are worried about night burglaries, most of them actually occur during the daytime when people are away working or shopping for groceries. There are plenty of ways you can protect your home from unlawful intrusion, with the first step being prevention, or eliminating the opportunity. Here are some simple yet effective measures you can apply in your home.

Identify your property weak spots

Take a tour of the outside to identify the potential weaknesses a burglar might take advantage of. Look for the most accessible point of entry. Can one of your windows be pried open? Is the glass on ground floor windows shatter-proof? If you need an expert opinion, call the police or a security consulting company to do the assessment for you. As you determine the vulnerable spots, try to find ways to eliminate them. Also, as you’re scouting your house with the eyes of a burglar, make sure no expensive items like electronics and art show in plain sight. If the thieves can spy them from the outside, they might go for them.

Fit motion-actuated lights

If you use it right, lighting can be an effective deterrent for burglars. Darkness provides natural concealment for criminals, almost welcoming them to your property. Motion-actuated floodlights installed on critical locations such as above the main entrance and garage doors, on house corners, or directed towards the dark corner in the back, can deter intruders, who sometimes might even use your neighbour’s property as an entry point. However, for trespassers to ‘feel’ exposed, make sure there are no natural concealments, such as tall shrubs between your house and the street. Also, don’t forget the interior lighting. You can use timer switches that turn the lights on and off in pre-set intervals, creating an impression that someone is at home.

Install a good security system

Apart from discouraging burglars by bringing attention to them, most security alarms systems are wired to the police or security company system. While there are silent alarms which are believed to increase the chance of the burglar being caught, you should also be aware that your belongings may not be there when the police arrive. So, from the deterrence perspective, a loud blaring sound is always better. In addition to the alarm system, you may consider broadband or cellular monitoring, as well as home automation that gives you more control of the home security systems.

Chose an insurance policy

While the home security measures and strategies described here are designed to provide maximum deterrence, none of them can guarantee your safety. This is why you need to have your home insured, just in case. There are different insurance policies, so it’s important to know which one suits you best. While contents coverage protects only the items inside your apartment, a home and contents insurance package are definitely better, as it also covers the damage done to the structure, in case of forceful entry. These comprehensive packages also protect your home and belongings in case of extreme weather events, fire, and even vandalism due to civil unrest.

Update your fence

Once the technical and administrative options have been depleted, you may get down to basics. A well-placed fence is the first line of deterrence against burglars and trespassers. An effective fence can protect your property from all sides, and in case you’re not a big fan of tall fences, you can build a smaller one and plant trees alongside it, which both make your home less visible from the street or the neighbouring properties and gives you an increased level of privacy.

Don’t let everybody in your home

Being kind and polite is one thing, but it’s perfectly fine to talk to strangers through the gate or the intercom. If you let someone into your home, you’re essentially giving them an opportunity to steal or scout your valuables and arrangement and make plans to come back another time. If someone asks for help or to use a phone, offer to call the police or EMT for them. Sometimes even people in your employ, such as gardeners or maids might have ulterior motives, so keep an eye of people you hire and keep valuables out of sight.

While home invasion and burglary can never be eliminated entirely from our reality, the risk of such thing happening shouldn’t make anybody live in fear. These tips show us that deterrence is the best prevention, as thieves are always looking for an easy pick with minimal risk.

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