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Real Estate Agents; Write a Personal Profile that Gets You More Listings

Real Estate Agents, Your Personal Profile Is Your Brand.

Advertising your properties is essential marketing, but promoting your personal brand with a great profile helps prove you’re the best person for the job.

Your profile is your brand. Make sure it proves your marketing ability.

So how do you write a personal profile that gets more listings? We’ve taken some great profiles on to show you.

1. Be Truthful

To gain trust, sellers need someone who tells it like it is. Be upfront. Let potential clients know exactly what to expect.

Glenn Stewart has this to say: I really listen to you and work very hard to get you the best results possible. My straight-talking style with open and clear communication will give you confidence that I’m someone you can trust and my actions back that up.

2. Professional marketing & great presentation

Sellers need an agent they know will put their best foot forward at all times. An agent with creative flair exudes confidence, looks smart and makes prospective buyers feel at ease.

It helps to use professional photographers and writers who can make you look good and create a winning impression to put you ahead of the competition.  

Marcia Paterson’s black and white photo is crisp and professional. With her attractive smile, she looks open, honest and welcoming which instantly makes you feel confident she is ready to show you your new home and to talk through the process.

3. Commitment to good communication lines

Sellers want to know you’ll give regular updates and good feedback so they quickly know where they stand.

Steve Slicker guarantees to call you back within three hours or he will take $500 off the fee.

4. Tenacity & enthusiasm

Sellers want a salesperson who’s like a dog with a bone; someone who works hard and never gives up.

Ben Terry plays up his competitive spirit, saying he continually exceeds the expectations of his clients. And he also offers a compelling pledge: “there is no single sales person in the market today that will work harder, prove stronger or move faster than me.”

5. Strong negotiation skills

Anyone can sell a house, but negotiating the highest price is the real challenge.

Charles Morley Hill lists negotiating as one of his key skills “With close to half a billion dollars worth of property sales to his name (ranging in price from $175,000 – $4,500,000), Charles has a wealth of knowledge and skill to get the very most for your property in all markets.”

6. Keep it short and sweet

The length of a great bio should be between 200 and 300 words, and around 2 to 3 paragraphs. Any longer and your reader will start to lose interest. Use short, clean phrases that are easy to understand. Lists are good.

We love the brevity of Nicholas Reeve’s profile.

7. Experience

Offer details of what you have achieved to show your experience. It gives confidence you can do the job well.

Grant Campbell has been selling for 24 years. That’s great. Even more impressive is the number of properties he’s sold. 600, worth over $125 million – you know he’s doing something right!

8. Knowledge – of the market, trends, technology & marketing

Sellers are looking for your expertise and they want assurance you’re up with the play to keep them ahead of the bunch.

9. Give back to your community

Real estate can provide great rewards but people like to know you’re not just a taker. Show how you share the love.

Tommy Heptinstall has been a successful agent for 30 years but continues to be respected for his attitude of giving generously –  “to major companies, schools and charitable organisations as an entertaining auctioneer and motivational speaker who tells it as it is.”

10. Proven results and award recognition

Clients want proof you can do a good job for them. Include testimonials from past clients and tell sellers how successful you have been.

Yvonne Craig-Simpson cements her reputation and track record by selecting quotes from clients who have been impressed with her service.

Most sellers don’t have much experience with real estate agents. Make the search easy by including statements that show you have the right qualities as keywords. You’re sure to improve your odds.  

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