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Ailsa Dawson

Why is digital marketing so important?

I had the pleasure of a chat with Elwin from ARO Digital this week about how digital marketing has grown rapidly in the real estate space and how agents can maximise it in their real estate marketing. “Marketing properties in

Ailsa Dawson

Why auction?

We have recently seen in the media outstanding examples of auctions achieving premium prices for sellers and subsequently boosting profile for agents. Are auctions the domain of the ‘super agent’? Robert Tulp an independent auctioneer & Director from Apollo Auctions

Ailsa Dawson

Tips for agents working with Property Investors

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Bill Guthrie, a seasoned Residential Property Investor, who has been in the property investment market for close to 40 years. Over that time Bill has built a large residential

Ailsa Dawson

Building your personal brand in an authentic way

The catchphrase when starting out in real estate sales in the past was ‘fake it till you make it’, now the move is to ‘be authentic to make it’. People all around the world are now seeing through ‘fake’ with

Cara Hodson

Showcase your point of difference

Your Premium Agent profile on is your opportunity to promote your personal brand and showcase what sets you apart. It helps to give potential buyers and sellers an understanding of who you are and how you go about achieving

Ailsa Dawson

Technology under Covid-19

Video-conferencing apps were downloaded an unprecedented 62 million times last week, reflecting a new normal in how people have reacted to the need to keep communicating when face to face is no longer an option. Now that real estate teams

Steve Hart

Agents find ways to keep working

Open homes and auctions may be on the back-burner due to the Covid-19 outbreak and countrywide lock-in – but that doesn’t mean estate agents are sitting on their hands.  It’s tough going though with the people unable to move home

Cara Hodson

Think differently and adapt – 3D Virtual Tours

A few weeks ago it seemed completely normal to have multiple groups of people strolling through a home, opening every cupboard and inspecting it to the nth degree.  Things changed rapidly due to COVID-19 and within a week we had

Ailsa Dawson

Virtual Appraisals during Covid-19 lockdown

You will likely have seen on social media the promotion of virtual appraisals in response to COVID-19 and the level 4 lock-down. Offering virtual appraisals is a great way to engage with potential vendors with the possibility of securing listing

Ailsa Dawson

How homeowners choose a selling agent

How does a homeowner decide which agent to list their home with? I recently interviewed several people who have recently engaged with an agent to sell their home and asked the question … “What influenced your decision when selecting your

Ailsa Dawson

The trust bank account

Building trust with your real estate clients is so important. Without trust difficult conversations can become personal attacks pushing the client relationship into negative territory, and highly likely that repeat and referral business along with a positive testimonial will not

Ronel Steynberg

Focused on adding value for our Premium Agents

Ronel Steynberg, Head of Customer Support here at is in contact with our Premium Agents on a daily basis and loves to hear how impressed they are with the quality of support they receive from her team. She believes

Steve Hart

Show and tell with a property video is a big supporter of real estate videos, and one reason for this is that people are attracted to video over static images. Video creates a higher engagement with house hunters. It means buyers far and wide, across New

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