5 Ways To Make Your Listings Stand Out

Good Photography

Professional photography will make your listing feel more luxurious while also benefiting from its features. Think about the style of the house and what is going to work best for it. Photos of houses at sunset or nighttime look amazing. The first thing people see is going to stick with them so make sure you are picking the right photo to display first.

5 Chatfield Place, Remuera


Stage it

An empty room looks bland and uninviting. Staging it will help to show the possibilities of a space while also making the listing photos much more appealing. Your listing will get more views with a stronger set of photos so the two really fall hand in hand. 

3801/10 Commerce Street, Auckland Central


Describe it well

Being simple is often better than overcomplicating things. Think about the target audience for the property. Be transparent and honest with the details, don’t add fluff that they can see through. Talk about what the home has, what it’s near to, the suburb. People can do their own research so rely on your knowledge to write about things you cant read online. 


7 Talavera Terrace, Kelburn, Wellington


Floor plan

38 Pirie Street, Mount Victoria, Wellington

A floorplan is an excellent tool for people visualising the layout of a home. It gives an idea of how the rooms flow together, and a way for people to imagine where they could put existing furniture. Go the extra mile with a 3-d walkthrough, this feature always gets high engagement


Social Media

Think about who are the people who are looking at your listing. What age group do they fall under? What platforms are they most likely to be on? Younger people tend to gravitate towards Instagram which is the perfect opportunity to use “gram-worthy” photography. Facebook is popular among older age groups and the platform is the perfect opportunity to go into details about the property.