Real Estate Agents: Why We’re Made For Each Other

Property websites and Real Estate Agents go hand in hand, and would like to hold yours. Cue The Beatles.

We have a marketing platform to reach buyers and sellers in a way that hasn’t been done before. By integrating your brand into our wealth of free property data. You’ll be appreciated by local buyers and sellers researching the next step in their property journey.

1. How Our HomesEstimate is Valuable to Real Estate Agents



HomesEstimates enable us to put a price on any home, with reasonable accuracy. It’s quite simply a computer generated starting point; no replacement for human perspective. But I’m sure you’d agree that the easiest way to start a conversation about selling something is to put a price on it.

So we get people thinking about what could be if they sold, then we pass the conversation over to a local expert – you.  Next to every HomesEstimate sits this little statement:

“The HomesEstimate is a great starting point. You should talk to a local real estate agent for a more detailed perspective.”

Shortly we’ll make the handoff to local agents even easier with the ability to request a free market appraisal from a participating premium local agent – see the image above for a sneak peek.


2. The Value of Integration for Your Brand

We know that having your name top of mind helps keep you top of market. Here’s a genuine way to integrate with our free data in a way that builds credibility and massive exposure for your personal brand.

sales history

We’ll add you to sales histories of homes you’ve sold; as we freely display all sales records dating back many years. Build your brand among those buyers and sellers browsing property data in your area. This will also keep you top of mind for those you sold to, even if it was years ago.


3. Get Found By Local Sellers

We’ve built a comprehensive agent search tool to help sellers research and find their ideal agent. It’s hard work finding a great local agent currently. Going premium with us helps you stand out in this tool, as does claiming prior sales to ensure you’re seen as a local expert. Most importantly though, if you’re not there but other agents are, you’re missing out. Particularly given it’s free to list.

4. Branch Offices Get Perks Too

Unlimited listings for all of your agents, unlimited agent profiles, and easy integration with Agentbox, Property Suite, & MyDesktop so you get automated listings. It’s all pretty straight forward.

Vendors want maximum exposure and offers exposure to a unique audience of potential buyers. They may not be trawling Trademe daily, but they’re on keeping an eye on their home’s value and sales in the area. Your listings will reach a wider audience.

5. I Get Most of My Leads From Word of Mouth, Print Advertising, & My Website, Why Should I Partner With You?

We’re shaking up how people do their homework on property. This reaches a new audience of sellers exploring their options earlier on in the selling cycle. Letter box drops to engage potential sellers are a tough slog compared to, where we attract them all into one place.

Bottom line is that people want free access to property information. Information around property is critical in the buying & selling process. We’d love to put your brand among these free insights, to enable a genuine conversation with potential sellers.

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