Real Estate Agents: What The Best Agents In Wellington Have In Common

How Do The Best Stay Above The Rest?

We picked some of the best Wellington real estate agents’ brains to see how they stay top of mind, and top of market.

With a property market that is rife with red-hot competition, real estate agents have their work cut out for them. We spoke with Murray Potts, of Leaders Real Estate, and Craig Lowe, director of Lowe & Co. Realty for their insider knowledge.

1. It’s About Local Knowledge

Knowledge is power and real estate agents know this more than most. So how do you build the expertise?

Murray likes to take a personal approach, being actively involved in the community, with signage at fairs, partnering with local organisations and supporting local causes. This gives Murray access to knowledge that other agents won’t have, keeping his name top of mind, while also giving back to the community that supports him. For Murray, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship to support your local community in order to serve it well.

Craig Lowe agrees with the local approach focus for a network effect.

“A locally focused agent will always be dominant in the area as they’re seen as the area expert.”

Local conversations about an agent create a level of buzz not achievable via traditional marketing.

2. Empower Future & Present Clients

Good information is key to any decision making process. Murray says access to information around real estate is paramount, putting out monthly updates on local property news.

He also sees value in providing free property data to the market.

“People want to be informed … The more information that’s out there, the better informed people are.”

Craig Lowe takes a multimedia focus, with weekly videos on a wide range of topics, from psychological human bias, to 101’s on LIM reports and market values. Lowe also keeps  a frequently updated blog on real estate news, seeing the online space as a key tool.

3. It’s The Client Always Coming First

Simple stuff really, but Craig comments that the ethos only comes to life with the results to boot, if you apply it holistically.

“If you have the philosophy of living and breathing adding value to your client, that will come off in the marketplace.”

So what is adding value? It’s transparent access to information, being on call, getting your client the best deal, the results you achieve, and most importantly, empathising with the needs and wants of your clients on a meaningful basis. With a rapidly successful realty firm, Craig gets results by applying this philosophy.

4. The Gut Feel For Buyers Is Key

Nothing is quite like walking into a house and seeing the potential of it being your home. Print ads, newsletters, and online tools can only go so far in steering your client to make the best decision.

If working with buyers, take them to open homes that you believe are a great fit for their lifestyle. Murray advocates that sometimes this is not always homes that strictly fit their specific set of requirements.

“People buy what they feel from a house rather than a strict set of criteria.”

How do you understand what they might feel for a house? Get to know your clients well. Find out what sort of people they are, ask different questions other than “What schools would you like to be in zone for”.  Ask them what they like most specifically in other people’s homes, perhaps what they liked best about the home they grew up in! Think outside the box.


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