Real Estate Agents: How To Build Your Brand

Real Estate Agents have one of those jobs where you must live & breathe your own ‘brand’ in order to stand out.

Thousands of listings & clients mean you have to show why you’re the best choice.

Branding can be seen as an intangible asset that you can invest in right now. All it takes is a little planning & some reflection!

The focus of a brand is to build a credible and helpful perception among the homeowners you wish to serve.  Here are a few tips to explore.



Find Your Niche

The ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ moniker is hard to build credibility and expertise around. It’s great to have a way of selling different properties to different segments, but highlighting yourself in a niche will help you foster word of mouth from your past clients, & grows name recognition among that audience. Perhaps you could work through these questions…



What sort of homes do you specialise in?

Do you specialise in selling homes to first home buyers? Do you love to sell villas? Could you justify an ‘expert’ status for an area somehow?

Make your message clear & succinct.

Making this message clear & relevant is key to targeting your audience & building your brand. After visiting your social pages, website, or a meeting, they should have a clear understanding of your specialty and credibility within that specialty.



What sort of clients do you sell the most to?

Do you sell most to first home buyers, investors, new parents, or empty nesters? If you can, relate these life stages to your specialisation in property types & get client testimonials that explicitly reflect this.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a testimonial.

Word of mouth is also extremely important, as the internet multiplies every story. Highlighting your credibility within a specific segment of the market means your name will come up in the same circles more often.



What are your personal passions?

This is what makes you stand out on a relatable manner to your clients. Are you an avid sports fan or actively involved in your community? A home decor specialist? A foodie or car fanatic? People do business with people they like.

Bring Stories Into Your Brand

Tap into your passions to find stories that make you relatable, and your specialty memorable. For example, if you’ve lived in the area for years, talk about your favourite memories of the area. Have a range of stories that build credibility, and use them on different types of people. For example, young parents are more likely to relate to your stories of raising children in the area.



Professional Appearance

This goes without saying. Dress well, and be well groomed because first impressions do matter in this industry.  It shows you are ready to take their business seriously.

Appearance can reflect your passions & make you seem more personable. 

Don’t be the agent with a scruffy suit or ill-fitting blouse. A gifted seamstress or tailor is your best friend when it comes to looking clean, sharp, & professional. It’s not about how much you spend, rather how ‘well the shoe fits’.

Take the time & hire a professional photographer to take your headshots. When designing your ads, never skimp on visual design. Hire professionals if you want to build credibility. It’s expensive, but is an investment that will pay back.

Invest Into Your Brand

It’s hard work to persist in building your brand, but consistency builds credibility.  Remember, being authentic & true to your own values is a surefire way to make this process easier.

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