Property Market Just Too Hot? How About A House For $10,000?

Property Market Just Too Hot? How About A House For $10,000.

That’s if you don’t mind a small footprint. A very small footprint.

Then again, us Kiwis are used to small houses for summer. The quintessential summer bach, long passed down through generations. The bach is humble, small, but oh so practical. While the Whangapoua bach pictured above may not look humble, its simple living principle shines strong. So why don’t we apply this formula to the properties we actually spend the most time in? We take a look at some of the most interesting small home designs.

So Why The Tiny House?

A simple answer? People can choose to live simply. Less possessions to worry about, smaller bills, a tiny carbon footprint, and most importantly, it’s cheap! That’s not to say there are no drawbacks to the tiny house, and it’s certainly not for everyone’s lifestyle.

Perhaps you don’t want to share space when buying a home, or you’re ready to start a life with that special someone with a clean slate of the property ownership dream. Maybe you’re downsizing after a long and fruitful career, the kids have left the nest, so how hard can it be to downsize a house?

Prices in some of our urban centres tip $1 million, and our sales histories show that it’s not for prime real estate either. Land spaces around cities are smaller, and with the erosion of the kiwi quarter acre dream in urban centres, a small home could be another way of getting your feet in the city you love – affordably.

1. How About Something With a Veggie Garden?

Because nothing is quite like popping outside for a sprig of rosemary to add to your Sunday roast. The Axis Series Small Home Test Lab built 3 compact homes on 12 Station Street Hobsonville Point with outdoor space in mind.

home 3 axis living

The homes have since been sold, however, the floor plans are still available to view and download. Total build price including land costs ended up being $340,000 for the 1 bedroom, $450,000 for the 2 bedroom, and $485,000 for the 3 bedroom. An OK cost for a brand new house in one of Auckland’s most sought after development areas.

Wanting to be city slick though? Maybe take a look at a KASITA design.


Imagine seeing these minimalist avant-garde apartments in a new Christchurch CBD, as student housing in Dunedin, or nestled in Wellington’s harbour.

Like stackable lego pieces, this type of minimalist style could be a viable alternative in inner city living.

2. Converted Garages Can Actually Be Cool.

Take Seattle based Michelle De La Vega’s home. Her humble shed has since been converted using mostly refurbished items. A garage space can be surprisingly spacious when executed correctly.

michelle De La Vega

With a little DIY and clever thinking, perhaps you wont need anything bigger than a garage to live in.

3. What About Sustainability?

Gotta keep New Zealand clean and green right? Christchurch based Black Hut Designs specialise in sustainable timber construction and green initiatives for carbon negativity, and the black timber is just stunning design. The Kepler Hut at just 100m2 can be transported too. Sitting at 97 Office Lane in Christchurch, the design was a finalist in its corresponding year of NZ Timber Design Awards.

black hut

Drawings and building cost over $265,000 for the Kepler Hut and for such a bespoke design, some say it’s a bargain.


Who knows, maybe bigger isn’t always better when it comes to a home.

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