Steve Hart

What is recent data saying about house prices?

House prices, the unofficial barometer of the nation’s economy, are basically unchanged despite early talk of them dropping by up to 10 percent when the Covid-19 crisis shut the country down. According to a report by CoreLogic, drawing on data


How do you fund your first home?

Buying a home is the biggest financial commitment most people ever make, so it’s no surprise that saving for one can feel like an impossible task. Buying your first home takes commitment and hard work, but you may also be


Solar batteries give homeowners control and independence

There is still a wide misconception solar panels need heat to make energy. When in fact, solar panels need light – not heat. Yes, panels make less energy in the winter, simply because the days are shorter, but even on


Buying your first home? Here’s what you need to know

Tackling anything for the first time is hard, especially when it’s likely to be the biggest financial decision you’ll ever make. It’s not surprising that lots of first home buyers don’t know where – or how – to start thinking

The Data Team - homes.co.nz (Tom Lintern - Chief Data Scientist)

homes.co.nz Monthly Property Update – July 2020

Opportunities for First Home Buyers?  When is the best time to get onto the property market? And where should First Home Buyers be looking? As a relatively new homeowner myself, I understand the challenges of getting into the property market. 

Tony Alexander

Tony’s View – Valuers Survey – June 2020

You probably expect that I will write about this morning’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) numbers which showed 1.6% shrinkage in our economyduring the March quarter. But the data are out of date, we know the June quarter will be a

Tony Alexander

REINZ & Tony Alexander Real Estate Survey – June 2020

Welcome to the first issue of the new REINZ & Tony Alexander Real Estate Survey. This survey gathers together the views of licensed real estate agents all over New Zealand regarding how they are seeing conditions in the residential property

Steve Hart

Homebuyers rethink what they want post Covid-19

Although the Covid-19 lockdown is already starting to become a distant memory for most of us; the pandemic has caused some homebuyers to think differently about what they want when it comes to buying their next property. Larger gardens and

The Data Team - homes.co.nz (Tom Lintern - Chief Data Scientist)

homes.co.nz Monthly Property Update – June 2020

Will DIY become easier?  The Government has announced that it will soon become easier to make property improvements by removing the need for consents for ‘low-risk’ building work. This includes single-story detached buildings up to 30 square metres, such as

Tony Alexander

Tony’s View – Valuers Survey – May 2020

Early Days Yet According to Valuers Last week I released the results of my now regular survey of real estate agents around New Zealand. A valuer contacted me to say that he would welcome being included in the next survey

Tony Alexander

Tony’s View – Real Estate Survey

A buyer’s market, but not everywhere Last month I started up a survey of real estate agents asking their views on developments during the early days of Level 4 lockdown. The results are available here. Now, in Level 3 with

Luke Havler

Purchasing “off the plans” – what you should know

On 20 April 2020, we posted our conversation with Luke Havler of ARL Lawyers entitled “COVID-19 & Property Settlements” This week, we asked Luke to comment on purchasing a new property “off-the-plans” as part of a development. Since purchasers may

Timmy Brown

LVR changes – what do they mean?

The Reserve Bank has recently removed LVR restrictions for 12 months, which they will review on 1 May 2021. LVR stands for loan to value ratio and it is the amount of lending you have secured against the value of