The Data Team - homes.co.nz (Tom Lintern - Chief Data Scientist)

Sustainability of Kiwi homes

Sustainability is an increasing concern for many Kiwi’s and is starting to be more front of mind for those in the property market. For current (and prospective) homeowners, being more sustainable means reducing their carbon footprint throughout the building lifecycle

The Data Team - homes.co.nz (Tom Lintern - Chief Data Scientist)

What is the CV and what does it mean?

Capital Values, Rateable Values, CVs, RVs are all terms for the three-yearly (usually) assessment of a property’s value and are used by local councils to help apportion the rates in their area. These are especially relevant right now, with new

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Here’s Our T&C’s from Our Current Giveaway

Win one of three $1,000 home improvement vouchers giveaway terms and conditions Acceptance of these terms & conditions: Win one of three $1,000 home improvement vouchers (the “Giveaway”) is run by Trade Me Limited (“homes.co.nz”). If you do not agree

The Data Team - homes.co.nz (Tom Lintern - Chief Data Scientist)

The Times They Are a-Changin’…

You may have noticed your HomesEstimate starting to decrease. The reason for this is the headwinds facing the property market are starting to be seen in homes.co.nz’s sales data and are now starting to impact homes.co.nz’s estimated values across the

The Data Team - homes.co.nz (Tom Lintern - Chief Data Scientist)

A Refresher in Buying and Selling in NZ

After a well-earned summer break, most Kiwi’s are getting back into the swing of the year, and the property market is no different. The volume of properties for sale is picking up as we move into one of the year’s

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4 Things to Help Setup Your Home Office

COVID-19 has made working from home the new normal. Whether a hybrid office – WFH schedule or 100% WFH, a dedicated area will make you more productive. We’ve laid out our best tips to help you create the best workspace

The Data Team - homes.co.nz (Tom Lintern - Chief Data Scientist)

Highlights of 2021

Happy New Year to everyone! Despite the challenges everyone faced in 2021, the homes.co.nz team are thankful for all the support of our users and are looking forward to 2022.  Despite signs of cooling towards the end of the year,

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Are First Home Buyers Being Pushed Out of the Market?

While property trends firm CoreLogic predicts lower home values in late 2022, the main hurdle getting in the way of home ownership today is obtaining a mortgage. What many home buyers face now is the triple whammy of higher loan

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Get Your Garage Organised for Summer

Your garage can be so much more than a place to park a car and store all the extra junk you have lying around. Transform your garage in time for summer and have a finished result that everyone will be

The Data Team - homes.co.nz (Tom Lintern - Chief Data Scientist)

A Reality Check on the Kiwi Dream

This month, we’re hearing from Dot Loves Data Government Director, Justin Lester, who’s analysis shows just how out of reach a house deposit is for many Kiwis around the country. These insights may not provide solace to those looking for

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A Slice of Summer in your Backyard

Are you an ultimate outdoor entertainer or backyard master chef? Fire up your very own outdoor pizza oven this summer. Enter the draw to win 1 of 3 Ooni Koda Gas-fired Pizza Ovens being given away by The Gas Hub

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5 Things First Homes Buyers Need To Know

Buying your first home is a challenging process especially in today’s market. We have broken down our 5 biggest tips for first home buyers that should help make the process a whole lot smoother.   1. Figure out what you

The Data Team - homes.co.nz (Tom Lintern - Chief Data Scientist)

Intensifying your neighbourhood may be getting easier!

Increasing housing supply may become easier next year with the Government announcing to dramatically loosen residential planning rules. For our main urban areas, this will mean people will be able to develop up to three homes of up to three

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How It All Began…

Our goal has always been to be NZ’s most honest and open property website.   It All Started With Employee #1 Jamie saw the opportunity to create a platform where property data was free and available for everyone. When arriving

The Data Team - homes.co.nz (Tom Lintern - Chief Data Scientist)

First home buyers – Don’t give up!

With property prices increasing as they have, it comes as no surprise to see large increases in suburb median values around the country. Core Logic’s latest insights** suggest that there are now only 150 suburbs nationwide with median values less