NZ’s Most Walkable Cities

Which cities in NZ are the easiest to get around on foot?

We use to see which suburbs are the best to stroll around in.

Taking the shoelace express, a short amble or tramp is a pretty normalised thing to do in NZ. We have some of the world’s best hiking trails and most of us probably walked to school.  In fact 1 out of 5 trips involves walking as a primary mode of transport, and it’s overtaken rugby as our favourite sport & recreation activity. It seems we’re pretty good at putting one foot in front of the other.


A walkscore is calculated using all of these factors. Basically, anything with a score above 90 means you can accomplish all of your errands without a car or reliance on public transport.


The Big Winners

Every small town is a pretty clear winner, given you can walk the breadth of most, so we’ve just stuck to the larger cities of New Zealand. Here’s how they’ve done.


Christchurch Central

Walkscore: 91


A relatively flat city is always going to have the upper hand when it comes to walkability. Christchurch also has major replanning and redesigning of inner cityscapes which are further enhancing this city’s great walk score.


Hamilton Central

Walkscore: 88


The ‘tron, city of future couldn’t make it past the 90 threshold. With all the development going on in the city this score is looking to rise pretty sharply over the next few years with huge infrastructure increases & housing.


Dunedin Central

Walkscore: 96


Pretty self explanatory really, you can walk the length of Dunedin central easily so it seems logical to serve its large student base within walking distance. It also boasts some impressive inner city parks tucked in between historic buildings.


Auckland Central

Walkscore: 98


Multiple supermarkets, a surprising amount of amenities available near the city centre, & its large array of parks like Myers & Albert probably bumped Auckland’s score. However, most of these parks are uphill from downtown, so be prepared for a spot of light exercise.


Wellington Central



One of the best compact cities in the world should be well renowned for it’s walkability! Sprawling waterfront access, and eclectic culture, there’s no surprise it scored highly. Even the city’s major streets are more pedestrian friendly than most.


Well, I’m not a big fan of apartments and being downtown.

Fair enough. City slicker life is not for everyone, but there are some inner city suburbs that scored very highly in terms of walking easy.


Mount Victoria: Wellington

Walkscore: 95


Most Homes Estimates for properties on larger sections here are between $700 & $900k. However a smaller property might only tip the $500k mark. With a fantastic short hike up Mt. Vic, and close proximity to local shops it’s easy to see why this is a sought after area in Wellington.


Ponsonby: Auckland

Walkscore: 97


Most Homes Estimates in this area are extraordinary. at least $1.4m is needed if you’re looking at buying. Smaller apartments or older townhouses fetch an estimate between $700 & $900k. Grey Lynn park is a short stroll, as are the local bars. Almost everything is achievable within walking distance in Ponsonby according to our real estate experts.


Kingsland: Auckland

Walkscore: 91



Kingsland is becoming one of Auckland’s hippest suburbs with digs that rival K Rd for eclectic types. It’s proximity to Eden Park and fantastic local bars & cafes that dot the main strip probably contributed highly to its score. Kingsland houses typically fetch a Homes Estimate of over $1.2m, but there is a wider selection of apartments and smaller townhouses than other areas in Auckland.


Te Aro: Wellington

Walkscore: 99


Our highest scoring inner city suburb is in Wellington! Not surprising seeing as it contains the majority of Wellington’s entertainment district. It also houses some of the prettiest terraced homes in the city. You’d have to go to the fringes of the suburb to get to them though, they fetch a Homes Estimate of at least $470k, or $850k for a standalone.


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