New Zealanders tell their Solar Stories

We’re more assured when we see how a product has worked for someone else. Their experiences are relatable and if all the hard work and research into a product has already been done for you – why not use it?   

Here’s some New Zealanders who took the plunge and invested in solar, with some insights into how the installation process was for them and what energy-saving results they have seen. 

Meet Bill (pictured above) – Papakura, Auckland

Ex-army man, Bill, spoke to Harrisons energy expert Nerum Bonesetter and had LG panels installed onto the roof of his family home. Bill appreciated the solar options and advice Nerum gave him, including the use of ‘Smart Switch’ which means Bills hot water cylinder only works for 2.5 hours each day, giving hot water when he needs it and saving on heating costs when he doesn’t. 

 Brenna and Andrew – Blenheim

Marlborough energy experts, Guy and Nikki Jacobson made sure Brenna and Andrew were going to get the best out of their new solar panels.  Explaining the installation process, answering all their questions and teaching them how to read the solar app and made the entire experience clear and concise.  

Meet Jo and Richard (pictured above) – Ponsonby, Auckland

A major renovation was the perfect time to future-proof their home. The Harrisons consultation included how what and why solar would work for them. Jo and Richard were attracted to the fact each solar panel worked independently so even if one panel was shaded, the remaining panels continued to generate power for them and their kids.  

Les and Christine – Wellington

A year after installing LG panels, Les and Christine contacted Harrisons again about solar battery advice. They wanted to take advantage of the surplus power their home was generating and use it to charge the family EV.  Even with the initial outlay of the Powerwall, their monthly power savings show a far better return than having the money in the bank.  Plus, it’s tax-free!

For more customer testimonials visit the Real People, Real Stories page on the Harrisons website. Switch to a sustainable power source and have a Harrisons solar expert visit your home for a no-obligation free consultation.

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