How To Clean Your Home Before and After Moving

Moving from one place to another is a big change and a lot of work. Weeks of organising, moving and cleaning both places can be a real headache.

However, there are ways to make your cleaning job quicker, which will consequently speed up the moving in process.

Know When To Clean

Logically, the best time to clean your old place is after you empty your home and send away your possessions to a new location.

Inversely, you should deep clean your new home right before you move in. Keep cleaning supplies with you since you will use them repeatedly and make sure you have enough cleaning cloths for cleaning both places, because you will not be able to wash them until you settle in.

Before you start to clean your old place, check if everything is in good shape and see if there is a need for repairs. Always clean from the top to the bottom to prevent spreading dirt. 


Since cleaning the kitchen takes most of the time, make sure to clean it last on your way out and first when you move in.

Empty the fridge, remove all drawers and shelves, if possible, and wash them separately. Clean the fridge inside and out and don’t forget to clean the area behind and under it.

After that, clean the top of the cabinets, lighting fixtures and ceiling. Continue with cleaning the appliances and remember to move them and clean the area behind and around.

The dirt and grease around the stove can be unthinkable. Degrease the oven, clean the microwave, and dishwasher, then move onto the sink and countertops. Open the cabinets, clean them inside and outside and focus on handles. Lastly, mop the floor on the way out.

Living room

Cleaning the rooms is quite easy as long as you stick to the ‘’top to bottom’’ rule. Start with the corners of the ceiling and continue with lighting fixtures, windows, and blinds.

Clean the shelves, furniture, showcases, drawers, and cabinets. If you are moving into a smaller apartment, do not clutter the space with furniture. Instead, consider the benefits of removalist storage, where you can temporarily put away big pieces and have a new, clutter-free home, which is spacious and easy to clean.

Make sure to polish furniture, clean behind and under it, then move onto the carpets, rugs, and floors.


Every bathroom needs thorough clean up, so make sure to sanitise it properly. Pay special attention to the toilet and the area around it.

Be sure to shine faucets and drains and consider replacing the shower head. Also, you may wish to replace your shower curtain.

Scrub the bathtub, sink, and tiles, remove the mould and limescale and clean the mirror. Clean the medicine cabinet and in the end, use antibacterial spray to eliminate any lingering germs. The next resident will thank you!


Needless to say, the outdoors can be quite neglected since our main focus is always on the interior. Nevertheless, by cleaning around the house, you’ll win some brownie points.

Clean the garage and sweep the driveway.  Scrub and hose down the porch or patio and move onto the lawn. Pull out weeds, remove fallen leaves and cut the grass. Clean the exterior house walls and remember to remove items like outdoor hanging decoration or kid’s toys.  

Although moving is stressful and cleaning is exhausting, keep in mind that a new home inevitably opens a new chapter in life. It is always the best option to have a fresh, clean start, so clean your way into the bright future. In the end, if sweeping, scrubbing and mopping is not your thing, know that you can always turn to professionals who will make your new place sparkle.

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