How Much Are You Paying For Your Water View?

New Zealand is a country littered with beautiful views.


Rolling hillsides, coastlines that stretch forever and alps that are world renowned – we seem to have it pretty lucky. Naturally, a lot of our homes seek to capitalise on our extraordinary views by putting them in picturesque spots. Most popular by far is our ability to have spectacular sea views available, so we took a look to see how much extra you might be paying to have one around the North Island

Remuera & Takapuna Capitalise

Both these suburbs command at least $1.4M for a water view compared to other types of views. Median HomesEstimates in those areas are well over $2.9M so if you want to see water in these areas you’ll need some serious capital.

Taupo Bay & Kaeo Pay Double for a Sea View

Both these towns are situated in the very top of the country so having panoramic views might be an advantage here. Kaeo commands an impressive $353k price premium over other views, and Taupo Bay has an $457k premium. Average increase for the region is $228k for a sea view, which is sometimes double. With so many beautiful views to choose from it’s hard to see which town would be the best!

The Mount Is Still The Best Spot in Tauranga

With an $892k premium on a water view, Mt. Maunganui is still the place to be. It’s hard to argue against it either. Picturesque between Pilot bay and that famous stretch of Mount Beach that seemingly goes on forever. New builds seem to make the most of such views

Ahuriri Steals The Spotlight in Napier

That’s right Napier! Ahuriri in all of its new redevelopment has stolen the spotlight for the highest premium on water views. 5 minutes from Napier CBD, Ahuriri has become quite the contemporary contender in Napier’s Art Deco style. Property there features a $264k increase over different views.

Kai Iwi In Whanganui Best Sea View?

Well, out of water views it comes out on top here. A $195k premium in fact. However, ‘Other’ Views command on average a $107k premium compared to ‘Water’ views of $96k. This could be down to a number of factors, bigger houses & bigger sections with ‘Other’ views, or just the fact that Whanganui has some of the best rolling hillsides in the country.

Check out our interactive data below!


These insights were originally shared by Imran Ali & Kim Fulton for the Northern Advocate, Sonya Bason for the Bay Of Plenty Times, and Kim Fulton for Hawke’s Bay Today.

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