How homeowners choose a selling agent

How does a homeowner decide which agent to list their home with?

I recently interviewed several people who have recently engaged with an agent to sell their home and asked the question … “What influenced your decision when selecting your real estate agent?”

Responses were varied which reflected the different personalities and individual decision-making processes that people follow. Some made a relatively instant choice, while others took the time to make the right decision for them. 

Below are the homeowner responses.

Peter: “I chose a local agent who had recently sold similar properties to mine assuming there would be buyers who missed out and that the agent could introduce them to my home.”  

Alison: “I chose a sales team as I believe a team is a collective of specialised skills, therefore you get more expertise and more time dedicated to your house sale process.”

Jane: “I chose an individual agent, someone who I can have a personal working relationship with. I liked the idea of working with one person for accountability.”

James: “I put out a request to three agents through and chose the one that got back to me in a timely fashion.”

Tony: “I went with an agent my friend used and recommended. I went online first to check out her profile before inviting her to do an appraisal. I liked her so I didn’t bother interviewing any other agents.”

“Which websites did you use to research the agent” was another question I asked.

Researching agents and properties that are similar and have recently sold in the same area on before engaging with an agent was a common theme.

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Ailsa Dawson

About the author

Ailsa joined as Customer Success Manager after a 16-year career in the real estate industry selling, training, and sales managing. With an understanding of the real estate industry, Ailsa was the perfect fit to ensure customer success with our agents. She is passionate about delivering information and tools for agent success along with a paintbrush in hand whilst renovating a property.