How Do You Find The Best Agent To Sell Your Home?

So you’re looking at selling your home, how do you know how good a prospective agent might be?


First of all you can go to their branch, have a look at what they may have selling currently. Perhaps they update their website or a newsletter with what they do in the community, and how they stay on top of their game.

Visibility within the community is also extremely important. Do you see them around community events, are they involved? How do you see their track record?

We like data, and promoting visibility between agents & clients. That’s why you can now see an agent’s sale history in our new agent directory.

Sometimes, after a short search, you can find outstanding agents who clearly know the area well.

Hi Steve,

Steve Koerber

Well, those are some impressive figures! Steve runs his own website, which he regularly updates with news from his twitter feed, and testimonies from clients.

Scrolling down, through our agent portal on we can then see the total amount of properties he’s sold in the past year, which is extensive.

sold properties

Quite a few of those are in the Remuera area, so that seems to be Steve’s area of expertise.

However, what if you owned this house?

39 Armadale map

We think it would be pretty clear who you might pick if you chose to sell up!

sale history 39 armadale

There’s knowing a house, & then there’s knowing a house so well you can be an exclusive seller.


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