Monthly Property Update – December 2018

An up-to-date outlook on house values in the country.

In focus this month:

1. Buying or renting your holiday home – Whether you are looking to buy a holiday home or Airbnb your house, we have done the calculations for you.

2. Trends in our main cities – Property prices in Wellington and Dunedin continue to grow with the median HomesEstimates.

3. First Home Buyer HomesEstimate – With Reserve Bank loosening loan-to-value restrictions from 1st of January 2019, it may now be easier for first home buyers to buy a house in Auckland.

For a detailed report, please click the link below Monthly Property Update – Dec 2018
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The Data Team - (Tom Lintern - Chief Data Scientist)

About the author

Tom Lintern is’s data guy and is in the know when it comes to the property market. If you have a burning question for the data team, send it through to and we’ll take a look!