Home office design: foster creativity with an inspirational zen office

Everyone will tell you that working from home undoubtedly has numerous benefits, but the one thing nobody is talking about is all the struggles it can sometimes bring. By default, many people assume that since you are home, they can interrupt you anytime they see fit, which can be particularly annoying. That’s why you need to put down some ground rules if you haven’t done so already.

Now, even when you get rid of all the external distractions, you will sometimes feel uninspired and not particularly motivated to do the work that’s before you. To remedy this issue as well, you should consider using the power of feng shui to help you focus and boost your creativity. With a help of some Zen vibes, you’ll feel much more focused and inspired to tackle all of your daily obligations. To find out how you can Zen up your home office, please read on.


To start off, get rid of any clutter

A cluttered work environment will result in a cluttered mind, and not being able to untangle your thoughts and ideas can affect your work-related efforts pretty negatively. Furthermore, clutter can easily drain your energy which is definitely not something you want in your workspace. Therefore, make sure you get rid of everything you can and organize the rest. The items you decide to kick out of your home office you can either throw out or donate. The items you decide to keep, you should organize by following these rules: everything that looks unsightly should be hidden away from sight – store all the paper and documents in neat-looking storage solutions, go through your pens and other supplies and get rid of anything broken – broken or damaged items bring in negative energy and make sure you don’t have too many objects with sharp edges in our office because they provoke negative energy as well.

Next, set some boundaries

According to feng shui, your work should never interfere with your personal life and vice versa, so if your home office is set in your bedroom, consider relocating it. The bedroom, kitchen and living room are the places you should avoid when deciding on where to create your home office because these are the places meant for relaxation, not work. However, if you don’t have the luxury of having a separate office space, consider implementing some visual boundaries instead. Introduce a different colour scheme with panel room dividers or consider adding a dynamic contemporary rug which symbolises peace and spirituality and is believed to boost wealth.

Use power position to boost your productivity

According to feng shui, your desk should be placed in the so-called power position – facing the door, but not directly in front of it to prevent all the creativity from leaving the room. Also, avoid facing an empty wall as it is also believed that it can block creativity. Furthermore, carefully organize your desk so that all of your basic necessities are at the arm’s reach. When it comes to office supplies, make sure you always choose top-quality ones because you can’t expect the best results if you’re working with a second-grade equipment.

Invite nature inside

Finally, the best way to boost your energy levels is to draw energy directly from nature. Therefore, make sure that your home office is bright, with plenty of sunlight and well-aerated because fresh air boosts productivity. Also, add potted plants wherever possible, but again, steer clear of the plants that have pointy leaves because they can provoke negative energy and that is definitely something you should try to avoid at all costs.

For a truly serene and inspiring home office, try following some of these tips and create an environment that will work both with you and for you. Keep in mind the basic principles of feng shui and let them guide you through the entire process of putting together an inspiring work hub that will boost your productivity and allow – and even encourage – you to give your best in the business field.

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