Hamilton median house price by suburb

Which suburb in Hamilton has the highest Median HomesEstimate?

It is an interesting time for Hamilton home owners with new Capital Valuations being released in November. At homes.co.nz, we saw these impacting the HomesEstimates in some areas as the new data was taken into account.

Harrowfield on top with an average of $810k

Huntington came in at $784k, and Flagstaff came in at $760k

Rototuna North are big winners sitting at $756k, with Rototuna coming in at $742k,

What about the cheaper suburbs?

Bader, Te Rapa Park and Enderley are still cheap suburbs for house prices, at $393k, $396k and $399k respectively.  Frankton is now  4th lowest on our table, at $420k.

Browse through our interactive chart below

Updated – March 2019

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