Creating a comfortable, stylish living room in 7 easy steps

The living room is made for relaxation, family nights of fun and casual gatherings. As such, it should feature a cosy, inviting look that exudes elegance. And all it takes to create such a beautiful living room is little creativity and a few stylish ideas. So, if you’re ready to design a living room of your dreams, this is how you can do it.

Choose a warm, chic colour palette

Since your colour palette will greatly affect the entire atmosphere in your living room, it’s important that you pick one that will introduce a feeling of warmth and comfort. Going with rich neutral hues is a classic option that will give your space timeless appeal. It will also soften its look and set the mood of cosiness and intimacy. Of course, you have a range of stylish options when it comes to neutrals that will help you create a comfy living room with a modern flair. Adding occasional pops of colour will bring visual interest into your living room and create a playful environment.

Create a cosy and functional layout

Finding the perfect layout for your living room will help you enhance its comfort and functionality. If you can barely move around and everything seems cluttered, you’ll feel uncomfortable and cramped in your living space. Thus, you should find a layout that will provide you with great traffic flow and keep your space open. Placing your furniture in a semi-circle is a great way to promote family togetherness and intimacy in your living room since you’ll be able to communicate with each other easily. If you have a small living room, you should avoid pushing your furniture completely against the wall. Leaving some space between the pieces will make your room feel airier and more open.

Use your TV as the focal point

Since the living room is typically used as a family area, a TV set has become an integral part of its design. Many families enjoy organising fun movie nights or playing video games together. Therefore, your TV should be used as a focal point, but you shouldn’t let it overshadow the rest of your room. Instead, you should consider mounting your TV on a wall since this is a practical and safe solution, but bear in mind that a proper TV installation can be a tricky task and it’s not a ‘DIY’ job. Mounting your TV will free up a lot of space in your living room and enable you to accentuate the seating area when you just want to talk and connect with your family members. Most importantly, it will keep your children safe since it will be firmly mounted on a wall, so it won’t be able to topple over.

Furnish it with comfy pieces

Furniture is an essential aspect of your living room design, so you need to pick the perfect pieces. For the ultimate feeling of comfort and luxury, you should pick soft, plush furniture where you can lay back and unwind. Pieces with lush upholstery and rounded edges will also create an inviting look and inspire relaxation. Of course, you need to pick furniture pieces that will fit into the general style of your living room. Using an oversized ottoman instead of a coffee table is another great idea for cosying up to your living space.

Layer your fabrics

Introducing plenty of fabrics will create a deep, textured look in your living room. This is the perfect solution for a neutral living room because it will accentuate the texture and create an atmosphere of richness. Casually placing throw pillows and covers on your sofa will both elevate your home décor and create a cosy look in your living room. A plush area rug is another essential addition that you should welcome into your space. It will keep your feet warm and cosy while providing you with an opportunity to introduce a vivid hue or a patterned design. When it comes to window treatments, you should use lush, long drapes and let them puddle slightly on the floor. This will create an elegant, formal look that exudes richness.

Introduce plants

Embellishing your space with indoor plants is a great way to make it healthier and more enjoyable. Houseplants will energise your living room with their green hues and keep it healthy and airy by eliminating airborne toxins. In addition, they’re one of the most stylish accessories, so they’ll undoubtedly elevate your living room décor. You can use potted plants, tiny terrariums and hanging planters depending on your preferences. You can even design an indoor vertical garden, a space-saving solution for small rooms.

Use lighting for cosiness

With proper lighting, you’ll be able to set the tone of cosiness and comfort in your living room while simultaneously using fixtures as stylish accessories. It’s important that you introduce multiple sources of light for the most enjoyable atmosphere. While a chic pendant or chandelier can create a wow effect, floor and table lamps, wall sconces and other solutions can provide you with subtler lighting perfect for evening gatherings.

These lovely ideas will help you design a functional, stylish and comfy living room where you can relax and spend time with your family in an atmosphere of cosiness.

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