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Highest property sales in NZ

If you win the Lotto wouldn’t you want to own one of these?

Here’s some inspiration and free property information to get you dreaming in that direction! Take a look at the highest property sales in NZ over the last 6 months. Click on any of the addresses to view the property in detail. Have fun exploring 🙂

Top 5 Auckland Sales

Top 5 Dunedin sales

Top 5 Christchurch sales

Top 5 Hamilton sales

Top 5 Wellington sales

Deam, explore, buy, sell, rent, and be entertained!

Could This Be Your Key To An Auckland House?

Could This Be Your Key To An Auckland House?


Before you relinquish all your dreams of cracking the Auckland property market, may I suggest house sharing?

I know you’re wrinkling your nose as you picture upturned toilet seats, negotiating the last of the milk and arguing over Wifi.

But house sharing may be the ticket into a market you didn’t think you stood a chance in without a $160,000-plus deposit.

Last month, popular short-term house sharing site Airbnb received its four millionth customer.

In Auckland, as many as 40 percent of buyers are wanting to share their homes with their folks and another 30 to 40 percent are after a home and income situation.

Tall Poppies real estate’s Hamish Anderson has even had requests from young married couples seeking “community living”

“There are a few others who want to be living with their mates and to be able to buy in the Auckland property market,” he says.

His most popular listed home is this six bedroom, three bathroom home boasting a 4000 square metre section in Henderson.

Imagine what you could afford if you got others involved? A swimming pool? Room for a pony?


house sharing


Of course, you need to think carefully about who you invest with.

But it could work in your favour if say you are income-rich and time-poor while your buddy has a low salary but plenty of time on their hands for researching and maintaining a property. “Merging your financial powers and abilities can be a win-win strategy as long as the agreement is appropriate,” says Ammon Acarapi, business development manager at SuperCity Mortgages.

“It’s also useful for people who are self-employed and can’t prove their income. Joint ventures are becoming more and more common.”

Short term sharing is seeing a boom at the moment with the likes of couch surfing sites like Airbnb climbing in popularity with celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow among converts.




“Airbnb in particular is huge at the moment but it won’t last as people realise what’s going on and snatch up the opportunity,” Anderson says.

His mum uses the site to lease out her holiday home but Anderson does things slightly differently for his six bedroom Wellington property, which he rents out by the room.

“People like convenience. It’s a bit of a halfway house in a way. They might not have a bunch of people they know,” he says.

“They don’t have to worry about the bills as everything’s packaged together.

“Managing it is a lot easier because it’s one fee per week per person rather than several fees split between several people.”

You don’t even need to hire a property manager.

Anderson stays at the property every few weeks, splitting the management with his long term boarder.

Closer to home, this writer can often be found juggling bed sheets and towels as she prepares rooms between guests found mostly through Airbnb.

The income has helped her and her husband maintain some semblance of a ‘normal’ lifestyle while raising a family and paying the mortgage on their five bedder, two bathroom North Shore home.

The right situation could be out there for you too. For some inspiration,  check out these properties to see if house sharing could be your ticket into the Auckland housing market.

Where To Live In Wellington If You Happened To Win Lotto

Planning On Winning Lotto?

You probably wouldn’t be human if you hadn’t one day dreamt of winning big and thought about how you would spend your millions. A new car, a holiday, and of course the age old answer of a new home. Somewhere with a swimming pool, or a tennis court even. Well, we’ve taken a look across Wellington to see where you would be looking to spend your money if you were dishing out the big bucks, let’s say over $2 million. (One day maybe…)


Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 3.56.56 PM
Head out East past the airport and you’ll end up in the upmarket area of Seatoun, where you’ll find a load of properties worth over $2 million, with a scattering even hitting the $3 – 4 million mark.
If you spend your money here you may just find yourself neighbouring a Hollywood celebrity given it’s the area of choice for the likes of Orlando Bloom and Scarlett Johansson when they are in town filming. It is also close to some of the most popular beaches in the city, with Scorching Bay for example just up the road.

Lowry Bay

If you fancy being further out of the city then Lowry Bay is the perfect option. One of the first bays as you head into Eastbourne you’ll find just over a handful of properties that will be in the $2 million range, most of which sit right at the front of the bay. You’ll also be looking right across to Wellington City, dependent of course on the Wellington weather.
Lowry Bay is extremely close to an abundance of beaches but also has the bushy hills behind you in case you fancy a spot of off-road walking. You have the option of heading to nearby Lower Hutt for all your amenities and a spot of shopping at the mall, or nipping into Eastbourne village for the basics.

Oriental Parade/Oriental Bay

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 4.06.43 PM
Oriental is the place to be if you want it all. With a heap of properties worth over $2 million, if you’re willing to splash the cash even more you’ll have a better chance of finding something here over $3 mill and even heading as far as $8, $9, $10 million.
Oriental is just off to the side of the city centre so it’s close enough to walk to work or into the shops. It’s also perched right on the man-made beach so although you’ll have to be in quick to get a spot on a hot day you won’t have far to walk at all. Plus, you have the added bonus of having cafes, restaurants and a supermarket near enough on your doorstep. Here’s a favourite, currently for sale for $1.9m…