Bullseye! How Accurate is the HomesEstimate?

Here are some properties where the HomesEstimate hit the bullseye!

Our algorithm is always getting tweaked and improved so we thought it worth highlighting a few results that we are super proud of. Call it a little ‘pat on the back’ for the data team. We’re using technology featured on Back To The Future for these ones.



Pukekohe: 0.22% Difference

This home sits in one Auckland’s fastest growing Real Estate hubs, our HomesEstimate was able to get pretty darn close! The January HomesEstimate was $825k, & it sold for $821k.



Wellington: 0.35% Difference

Part of a terraced house & apartment complex, this sale shows how flexible we get when estimating. Our records show it last changed hands in 2006. This home had a HomesEstimate of $300k & sold for $310k



Rotorua: 1.4% Difference

Extending across the North Island a bit more, this home is an ideal first home. Click through to see what it sold for in 2011 as well! Its HomesEstimate was $220k & it sold for $223k

Of course some of our Homes Estimates aren’t this close, & errors do occur! We actively work with councils to reduce this, & if your HomesEstimate isn’t looking quite right, you can get an appraisal done & weighted against your HomesEstimate. If it’s seriously wrong, email help@homes.co.nz & we’ll check that the data driving it is accurate.



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