Brighten up your home: powerful ideas to improve your living room lighting

No matter if you’re just moving into your new home or want to spruce up your existing space, lighting is the way to go. It will not only make your home more functional but also boost its aesthetic appeal. However, lighting up your space isn’t an easy task and you might need some help from the experts. Luckily, thanks to the Internet, you can find expert tips online and illuminate your space like a pro. Here’s what to do.

Consider lighting warmth

First things first, before you start choosing your fixtures, consider the warmth of your lighting. You want your home to feel inviting and relaxing, so those harsh white hospital lights won’t do you any good. That’s why experts suggest using bulbs with softer, yellowish illumination. These warm lights are much more relaxing, easy on the eyes and promote good night’s sleep. Blue LEDs have the power to suppress melatonin, the chemical that promotes sleep, so they are not welcome in your home, especially in your living roomand bedroom. Incandescent bulbs usually have a much warmer glow that will turn your house into a pleasant and relaxing home.

Opt for something bold

Those with a big home can get away with almost any type of lighting, but we’re not all so fortunate to live in a villa. So, if you have a smaller property, you want your lighting to open up the space and make it seem larger. One way to do so is to invest in bold ceiling fixtures. These will not only add some drama to your home but also direct attention upwards and create an illusion of a much larger space. Ceiling lights brighten up your entire room, especially when combined with other lighting sources—if you’re lacking in natural light, a single ceiling fixture will do nothing for your space.

Go small for tiny rooms

Every room in the house needs proper lighting in order to be functional. However, lighting up your tiny spaces like powder rooms and walk-in closets is quite a tricky task. These spaces have only small patches of wall and ceiling, so a big fixture can completely swallow the room. So, if you see an empty wall space, put a sconce on it to go with your overhead lighting. These will bring balance to the space and make it seem open and inviting. This trick is especially practical for powder rooms with vanities that need good illumination.

Manage lighting with dimmers

Many experts often employ dimmers in their designs. Dimmers will help you create truly flexible lighting that can be managed according to your needs and preferences. This little addition to your lighting will allow you to change the mood of a room in a blink of an eye! So, put a dimmer wherever you can and choose lamps with high/low switches or 3-way bulbs. If you’re not handy with tools, you can contact a professional electrician to handle your dimmer installation. In only a few minutes, the job will be done and you’ll have a way practical way to manage your lighting!

Be smart with lamps

Lamps are a must for every comfortable and beautiful home. If you opt for the right lampshade, it can serve a huge aesthetic role in your interior, but also affect the quality of light that you get from your lamp. That’s why experts recommend figuring out your lighting goal before you hit the stores and choose your shade. Lighter lampshades will provide you with more light all over the space, while darker and thicker ones give out a localized light. If you want to achieve a very bright and light-flooded space, ditch the lampshade all together and opt for a glass or mesh shade. Edison-style lamps where bulbs are left exposed will also work great for your space.

Fill corners with floor lamps

If you’re short on floor space, put your height to good use with a floor lamp. These are excellent lighting choices for homes that lack square footage because they provide you with plenty of illumination while taking only a tiny amount of floor space. Your best option is to choose a lamp that can serve double-duty—the one with a torchiere top and a task light. This setup will allow you to get the most out of your investment! Tall floor lamps are ideal for any narrow corner (these often go unused) and will help disperse light all over your space and remove those dark nooks and crannies.

Tie it all together

Sure, the function should be first on the list of priorities, but don’t overlook the importance of aesthetics. If you want to achieve a seamless look, treat your lighting like you would treat any piece of furniture. You want to tie your lighting to your overall home design, not to let your fixtures look like someone dropped them from the sky right into your living room.

Hopefully, these expert tips gave you some lighting ideas, so you can have a well-designed and illuminated home perfect for everything from reading, catching up with work and relaxing.

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