Airbnb holiday hotspots

We’re proud to have partnered with Airbnb giving New Zealand homeowners a global first – an Airbnb Estimate for how much they could rent their entire house or a private room out for.

With Easter and Anzac Day, weekends fasting approaching, now is a great time to find out what you might be able to earn for your home if you’re heading away.

Below is a list of some of New Zealand’s top holiday spots, with calculated median Airbnb Estimates in each town. It will come as no surprise that Wanaka and Queenstown are New Zealand’s most expensive Airbnb holiday destinations. 

If you don’t live in any of these spots but are located in one of the main centres, Easter is still a great time to have your home available on Airbnb.

Wellington City has the highest median Airbnb Estimate of all the main centres on The median rate for an entire place is $260 or for a private room $118 per night. Wellington’s popularity is likely due to the ease of being able to get around the city to enjoy everything it has to offer, like the Wellington waterfront, the bars, and award-winning restaurants.

Interested to know what you might be able to rent out your property for? Search your address on, scroll down to the ‘Property estimates’ tab and click on ‘Airbnb Estimate’. 

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