Add accent colour in your home with Harrisons Interior Designer, Anita Shirley

What accent colour inspires you?

Interior design is all about balance – nothing really has a value on its own until it is thoughtfully and carefully placed with other items. Accent colours can play a key part in achieving that harmony, adding small variety of hues that can draw the eye, add visual interest and tie everything together. The introduction of accent colour can define your space, especially in open plan homes.

Many people are afraid of colour and nervous of getting the scheme wrong. So if you’re the cautious type, use accents in accessories that won’t break the bank, rather than more costly items to change like floors and walls. You can also use seasonal flowers to give a colour – the ultimate temporary accent, but also very effective. If you have more extravagant tastes then don’t just limit accent colour to small accessories, use accents on upholstery, painted furniture, wallpaper and art.

Here I will show you six different accents and tips to add interest to your interiors and reflect your individual style.

Earth tones

If ochres and browns are your thing, try a range of earthy tones keeping them in the same style of colour, mix with rich terracotta’s and golds, pebble-brown and soft suede colours. Tip: Add copper & metal for textural interest.

Moody blue

Blue is a very liveable colour, so you don’t have to be scared of accidentally going too intense. No wonder it’s the most popular colour choice for interior
design. Tip: Mix several different textures of the same tone of blue for a contemporary look.

Natural & neutral

If no accent colour seems quite right for you, consider adding natural elements like gold and natural greenery. Both will add depth to a scheme based on sophisticated greys and off-whites, giving you the perfect balance. Tip: Incorporating plants is a stylish way to bring a hint of the outdoors in.


Pretty and delicate, soft ice cream tones inject colour into this neutral space without overpowering it, leaving rooms calm, light and serene. Tip: Consider materials like metallics & fur to complement this scheme.

Black magic

A black and white scheme can form the basis for completely different interior styles. Choose cream sofas, rich oak floors, vanilla-coloured walls and black accents for a sophisticated upmarket look. Or go for bone-white walls, house plants and deep black for a Scandian look. Tip: Combine timber, metals, stone and geometric patterns to soften the contrast.

Bright & bold

If you have a passion for bright colours, make a statement using primary colours such as yellow, red and blue for a whimsical vibe. Tip: This scheme suits an energetic area of your home.

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Anita Shirley

About the author

I have a passion for all things design and have been involved in the interiors industry for the past 15 years including starting my own business. I work closely with my clients to deliver bespoke interiors that blend space, light, colour, textures, and key features while maintaining a creative yet practical approach. A successful design not only has to look amazing and be the envy of all your friends, it needs to fit in with your lifestyle and provide enjoyment for years to come.