6 duvet sets to cosy up to for winter

As summer slowly fades away and the mornings turn crisp, the warm colours of Autumn/Winter become welcome in the home. It’s not too long until the first snowflakes drop on our mountain peaks and we have to start pulling out our winter bedding to keep us warm and cosy throughout the night. As long as you have a good duvet inner, your duvet covers don’t need to be hidden under mountains of blankets.

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Winter Garden Wonderland

If you are a type who wants to spend time at home with your loved ones in on cold days, make your bedroom especially cozy with this design. Florals don’t have to be left for the warmer months.  The dark and moody palette is perfect for those brooding months with a cup of tea. The Dark Navy throw draped at the bottom of the duvet complements this winter garden look.



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Imperial Master Bedroom

It’s easy to ward off winter chill when your bedroom has as much cozy texture as the one shown here.

This set uses classic colours of gold and black to create the ultimate royal escape into your bedroom. No word on whether the younger ones in your house will be jealous that you get to have lion patterns on your duvet.


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Winter Holiday Home

Along with freezing feet and hands, winter brings the fun snow season. While the living room generally gets most of the action après ski, there’s no reason not to add a touch of magic to your bedroom décor as well.

For the aspiring minimalist that can’t quite commit to stark whites and blacks, this is a happy medium for all you hygge enthusiasts with it’s plush textures.


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Best Of Basics

Lying in bed listening to the wind howling outside your bedroom windows can be cozy, but not if you’re shivering beneath the sheets. The over scaling chevron pattern is a winner for any room. Balance the look with soft plush throws. This look works wonders for anyone starting to get an eye for interior design, plus it works great for fussy kids!


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Red Hot Autumn

It’s easy to ward off winter chill when your bedroom has as much red warmth like the one shown here.

Warm autumn colours take inspiration from the east. Cosy up in the crinkled fabric and layer up with coordinating accessories.  The simple colour blocked panels are detailed together with two-tone frog toggles.


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Iconic Florence

You might assume that fiery colors from the warm side of the spectrum are most suited to the winter bedroom, but actually, it’s the deeper, cooler colors that look their best when the sun’s rays are lower in the sky

Bring a designer look into your bedroom with one of Florence Broadhurst’s iconic designs. Intertwining geometric shapes harken back to renaissance style patterns. This lightly coloured set is the perfect way to brighten the inside of your home from the dark cold outside.

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