5 Summer Projects To Get Stuck Into

With summer just about on its way out, now’s a good time to tackle those projects that you said you’d do.

Stuck for a good project? Here’s 5 small projects that can take an afternoon to complete

1. Make Art

Stay with me here reader, this is not some high-brow elitist opinion. Art is for everyone. Spruce up your living spaces with some handmade pieces.  Make a photo collage, a mosaic, or painting!

This is a great afternoon activity to do with the kids as well. We recommend going to your local arts & crafts store, picking up a blank canvas or two, some paintbrushes, and bright paints!

Who knows, maybe you’ve got a secret resident Jackson Pollock in your household.


2. Create Special Spaces In The Backyard

While this is not exactly an afternoon project for those living out in the bush, creating new spaces in your backyard gives it a new breath of life and more excuses to spend time there.

Why not try make your own sandpit for the kids? Create a shady space for a hammock for those late afternoon reading sessions.

For those more DIY able, how about a dedicated paver section for those long summer barbecues?

Don’t have a backyard? Try make the most of your indoor areas by rearranging one thing to make a special space.


3. Enhance Your Kerb Appeal

There’s lots of simple ways to do this. Borrow a waterblaster, and give your driveway a good do-over. Clean up the outside of your house, it might need a lick of paint for those touch up spots. Give the front gardens a good tidy and maybe try some new plants for the upcoming autumn season.


4. Make Your Own Vege Garden

Vege gardens have never gone out of style and being able to share your excess takings will make you the most popular neighbour by far.

We recommend using this guide to get you started to growing your own produce


5. Organise the Garage

While organisation may not seem like a fun activity, going out and buying shelving might just be the fun part. For our more resourceful readers, building shelving for your garage or shed could prove a fun project in of itself.

Being able to reach all of your home equipment easily and safely is definitely a bonus when it comes to future projects around the home. Whether it’s servicing your cars or motorbikes, holding and organising gardening supplies, or just organising coats, having a tidy garage will give you peace of mind.

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